⚾🏆 Ex-AL MVP Josh Donaldson Ponders Retiring in 2023: Will the Curtain Close on His Yankee Career? 🤔🥺

TL;DR; The one and only Josh Donaldson, third baseman for the New York Yankees and ex-AL MVP, hinted at hanging up his cleats after a troubled 2023 season. With injury woes and a slumping performance, the Yankees’ star might just be saying, “Batter up!” for the last time. Can you believe it? 💔⚾

Josh Donaldson, the one-time titan of the New York Yankees and a former AL MVP, is contemplating his own twilight of the gods. Is 2023 the final countdown for the Major League Baseball maven? That’s the word on the street, folks.👀🗣

The 2007 first-round draft pick by the Chicago Cubs found himself under the bright lights of the Big Apple when he was traded to the Yankees in 2022 from the Minnesota Twins. This trade also featured Gary Sanchez, a slugging catcher, heading over to the Twins. Did someone say “trading places?” 🔄🎬

However, Donaldson’s time in the city that never sleeps has been somewhat of a nightmare, especially this season. We all know NYC demands the best, and unfortunately for our baseball hero, his performance has been more Broadway flop than a Tony-winning show. 😕🗽

In 2022, his stats dipped to career lows, with batting averages at a mere .222, slugging percentages at .374, and OPS at .682. That’s more strikeouts than home runs, with only 15 HRs and 62 RBI across a whopping 478 at-bats in 132 games. Someone pass the man a power-up, stat! 📉🎮

Injuries have also plagued the third baseman. A strained right hamstring (ouch!) saw him benched for nearly two months at the start of this season, limiting him to a scarce 53 at-bats in just 17 games. Is it just a bad streak, or are we seeing the end of an era? 😰🚑

The speculation hit its peak when Brendan Kuty of The Athletic, asked the three-time All-Star if he’s planning to step up to the plate next season. Donaldson’s response? “Maybe I’m done.” A somber thought from one of baseball’s brightest stars. ⭐🌑

But hey, let’s not be all doom and gloom! After all, sports are as much about the lows as they are about the highs. Every player has off days, off months, even off seasons. But it’s the spirit of the game that keeps us going, isn’t it? After all, who can forget the joy of Donaldson’s home runs, the thrill of his MVP moments, and the excitement he brought to every game? 🎉💪

Donaldson’s journey, from the bright-eyed 2007 draft pick to the seasoned player he is today, has been a ride. And whether or not he decides to retire, his legacy on the diamond is secure. But, will we really be bidding adieu to Donaldson after the 2023 season, or will he surprise us all with a comeback?

And that’s the question we’re all left wondering: If this is indeed his final bow, how will we remember Josh Donaldson: for his MVP moments, or for his troubled times on the Yankees? 🤷‍♂️🤔

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