🇧🇷Brazilian Die-Hard Kicks the Bucket… to Neymar’s Court?💰⚽

TL:DR; A Brazilian superfan of footballer Neymar is making waves by deciding to leave his entire worldly possessions to the football star in his will. In a world where leaving your legacy to your cat seems pretty standard, this guy takes it a step further, shoving aside grumpy aunts and greedy government to make a multi-millionaire soccer player even richer.

In the name of ‘the beautiful game’ ⚽, one Brazilian superfan took the term ‘devotion’ to a whole new level. If you were thinking your bobblehead collection was a serious commitment to your favorite player, this guy just raised the bar. After deciding he didn’t want to leave his possessions to the government or relatives he wasn’t on good terms with, he settled on Neymar. Yep, you read that right: Neymar, the multi-millionaire, Paris Saint-Germain’s crown jewel, one of the world’s best paid sportsmen.

“He’s not greedy,” the anonymous fan defended his choice. Now, I’ve got a question for you guys: how many of you, reading this right now, would label a multi-millionaire sports star as “not greedy?” 🤔 We can’t forget Neymar’s estimated earnings in 2023 alone are around $85 million according to Forbes. Now, let’s chew on that for a moment.

A fan of the national team and Brazil’s football legacy, the anonymous fan feels a kinship with Neymar. “I like Neymar, I identify with him a lot. I also suffer with defamation, I am also very family-oriented,” he told local media. Okay, let’s hit pause here. How many of you out there find yourself deeply identifying with a mega-rich international sports star? 🤷‍♀️ And how many of you would respond to that feeling by leaving said mega-rich sports star all your stuff?

The fan tried to gift his assets to Neymar before, but apparently a signed football wasn’t enough for our friend here. Now, he’s taken a more official route: he’s signed the dotted line with a notary’s office in Porto Alegre, making Neymar the chosen one. As he waits for the ref to blow the final whistle, our man here doesn’t worry about the government or estranged relatives laying their hands on his stuff. Instead, he’s cheering on the sidelines knowing Neymar’s about to score a posthumous goal.

Well, what can I say? Football fever is real. But here’s the question I’m itching to ask: does this story give the term ‘fanatic’ a new benchmark or is it a testament to the power football holds over its fans, binding them in a bond that goes beyond life itself? ⚽💀💕

Now, for the legal stuff: this ain’t investment advice, health advice or any other kind of advice you might be thinking of. I ain’t a lawyer, doctor, or financial advisor, I’m just a humble journalist trying to make sense of this weird world. 🌍

What about you? If you had to leave all your worldly goods to a celebrity, who would you choose and why? Will Neymar accept his unexpected inheritance or will he pass it on? What do you think, readers? 🎤👇