🌟 Gaga’s Chromatica Balliversary: Rockin’ BLACKPINK & Makin’ Bank! 🎤

TL;DR: Queen Gaga celebrates a year of the Chromatica Ball with major style vibes, rocking a BLACKPINK tee. But that’s not all – she spills on the joy of live performances and hints at a tour film. 🎥✨

A year has passed since Lady Gaga launched the Chromatica Ball, and can we just say, she’s still serving those legendary looks! 🎉 This time, she’s paying homage to the K-pop sensations, BLACKPINK, by donning their tee. Ring any bells? Yep, the two collaborated on “Sour Candy” which climbed its way up to No. 33 on the Billboard Hot 100.🍬🎶

Just to jog your memory a bit, the Chromatica Ball wasn’t just any ordinary tour. Originally set as a mere six-date limited gig, it evolved into a massive all-stadium tour spread across – wait for it – three continents! 🌍🌎🌏 From North America to Europe and Asia, Gaga slayed stages, and did we mention she grossed a whopping $112.5 million? 💸 That’s quite a number, right?

And while we’re all here for Gaga’s achievements, it’s her Instagram post that’s got us in a twist. Apart from her rockin’ BLACKPINK tee, the pop icon sported a bold red lip and a statement chainlink necklace. 🔗💋 The entire look screamed “iconic”, but then, what else do we expect from the “Shallow” songstress?

Let’s rewind a bit. In 2020, Chromatica hit the top spot on the Billboard 200 with 274,000 units flying off the shelves. And songs? Well, “Stupid Love” landed at No. 5 and the Ariana Grande collab “Rain on Me” took the throne at No. 1. 🌧️🎵

But what’s Gaga without her signature touch of introspection? 🤔 She gushed about the beauty of live performances saying, “Singing, dancing, playing piano, wearing costumes that are high fashion and directing the show is a true joy for me.” Ah, the magic of live performances! The true blend of artist and audience; it’s like the secret sauce to a grand show!

And now for the real tea ☕: Gaga’s got a film in the works. Yeah, you heard that right! Last month, she gave us a little sneak peek saying she’s “been working on The Chromatica Ball film edit.” She’s diving deep into the realms of art, music, fashion, and community, and feels more fulfilled than ever.

But here’s the million-dollar question, well, considering she made over a hundred million from the tour – When can we expect this film, Gaga? 🍿 And how about another collab with BLACKPINK, perhaps? 🎤🤩

Now over to you: Do you think Gaga’s Chromatica Ball film will be as iconic as her tour? And who’s up for another Gaga x BLACKPINK collab? Sound off below! 📢👇

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