🍓🌕 Bask in the Strawberry Moonlight: The Cosmic Sugar Rush of June 2023

TL;DR: 😲 Hold on to your moonpies, folks! This weekend, the universe is serving up a sweet spectacle: the Strawberry Moon.🍓🌕 Its name is steeped in tradition and it’s set to make night skies look pretty delicious. But why the fruity name? And what’s this moon going to look like when it takes the main stage? Let’s dive in.

This weekend, you won’t need to sneak into the pantry for a late-night sweet treat. 🍬🍫 The cosmos is handling dessert, lighting up the night sky with the sumptuous spectacle of the Strawberry Moon. 🍓🌕 The big question here is, why is it called that? 🤔

According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, the luscious title hails from Native American Algonquin tribes from the northeastern U.S., and Ojibwe, Dakota, and Lakota peoples. Why ‘Strawberry’ you ask? 🍓 Well, this time of the year is when strawberries ripen and are ready to be gathered. Interesting, isn’t it? 🧐

Now, you’re probably thinking, ‘So, will this moon look like a giant, ripe strawberry hanging in the sky?’ 😂 Sorry to burst your berry bubble, but no. 🚫 The moon won’t actually be a fruity red; the title is more about timing than actual color.

This Strawberry Moon is June’s full moon, and it either wraps up spring or welcomes in summer, depending on where you’re chilling on Earth. 🌎 But hey, don’t get stuck on just one name! This moon has a wardrobe full of aliases: Flower Moon, Hot Moon, Honey Moon, Rose Moon, Vat Purnima, and Poson Poya. Talk about an identity crisis! 😜

So, what will this sweet-talking moon look like? 🌝 Since the Strawberry Moon will be strutting its stuff lower in the sky in the Northern Hemisphere, the moon will appear larger and give off a slightly more romantic vibe. So, it’s the perfect time to share a moonlit moment with someone special… or, ya know, just grab some strawberry ice cream and enjoy the show. 🍓🍦🌕

And now, the burning question: why do we, as humans, feel such a connection to the moon? 🌕 Is it the mystery, the beauty, or simply the fact that it’s a gigantic rock floating in the sky? How about all of the above? Share your thoughts below!

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