🍔💃🏽 Hold My Fries: Orlando Eatery Claps Back at Florida Governor Over Spicy Drag Show Dilemma 💃🏽🍔

TL;DR; 📝: Hamburger Mary’s, a Florida-based joint known for its side servings of drag shows, comedy, and dance with your meals, is slapping a lawsuit against Governor DeSantis and the Sunshine State. The issue? A recent law that bans kids from spectating at their flamboyant performances. This law could fine or strip the liquor license from any establishment that disregards the regulation, and our burger-dishing divas are not having it. They’re serving up a piping hot legal challenge, folks! 🍔👩‍⚖️🍟

There’s always drama on the menu at Hamburger Mary’s, a crowd-favorite Orlando hangout. But the restaurant isn’t just serving patties and fries these days. They’re dishing out a federal lawsuit against Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis and the entire state. Why, you ask? It’s all because of Senate Bill 1438. This legislation, freshly signed off by DeSantis, has the potential to stir up a real Happy Hour horror show. It threatens fines or even a full-blown liquor license revocation if minors find their way into a performance that… well, shall we say… pushes the envelope a bit? 📜🖋️🍺

Why should you care? Well, think about it. Who decided what constitutes a ‘family-friendly’ performance in the first place? And is a drag show really that different from a pantomime or a fancy-dress party? Or is it just the sequins and sass that has ruffled some feathers? 🤔🐔✨

Hamburger Mary’s isn’t just standing by while their sizzling stage shows get sidelined. They’re fighting back, claiming this law is not just about kids, but about the very essence of what makes Mary’s, well, Mary’s! They’ve got the burgers. They’ve got the fries. And they’re standing by their right to serve up a side of glitter and glam to anyone who walks through their doors. Now, isn’t that food for thought? 🍔✨💅

In a world where it’s becoming increasingly important to allow spaces for all kinds of artistic expression and inclusivity, isn’t this law a step backward? It begs the question, should the government be in the business of regulating performance content, particularly in private establishments? Or is it about time we let Mary’s, and other such venues, decide what’s on their own menu? 🌐🎭👀

But of course, we at Turnt Up News are not here to tell you what to think, or what to do. We’re just here to serve up the piping hot stories. So, tell us what you think! Is it time to let burgers be burgers, and drag shows be drag shows? Or should someone step in to make sure no feathers are ruffled? Drop your thoughts in the comments below and let’s stir up some sizzling conversation. 🗣️🔥💬

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide legal advice. It’s just the juiciest news on the block. 📰🍔

Here’s the real question to chew on: Should a restaurant’s rights to serve up a slice of entertainment with your meal be limited by legislation, or should it be up to the establishment to decide what kind of performances are on the menu? 🍽️💃🏽👩‍⚖️ Let us