🍦Sweet Deals for the Chilly Thrills: Your Go-to Guide for National Ice Cream Day 2023🚀

This Sunday, prepare for a frosty bonanza as America celebrates 🎉 National Ice Cream Day! Ice cream retailers nationwide are whipping up some sweet deals 🍧 from free scoops to BOGOs. And hey, it’s not just for ice cream aficionados; even Italian beverage company Sanpellegrino is turning their citrus sodas into icy granitas. So grab your spoons and get ready to dive in! 🥳

Well, wasn’t it just yesterday that we were indulging in crispy, golden, and delicious free fries on National French Fry Day? 😋 And now, America’s gearing up for another foodgasmic adventure – National Ice Cream Day. Is it a conspiracy to make us love food holidays even more or just another delightful coincidence? 🧐

Did you know the offers this year range from free scoops to buy-one-get-one deals? That’s right, it’s a literal sweet deal waiting for us. But, have you ever wondered why we even have a National Ice Cream Day? And who decided that this chilly treat deserves its own day? (Not that we’re complaining! 🤤)

Your favorite ice cream parlors aren’t the only ones joining the frosty fun. Did you hear about Sanpellegrino’s cool twist? 🍋 They’re hosting a contest to transform their citrus sodas into frosty granitas, and 100 lucky winners will get a DIY kit! But what other zesty sodas do you think would make a killer granita? 🤔

Of course, we’ve got some inside scoop (pun totally intended!) on the deals you shouldn’t miss out on.

First, you’ve got Insomnia Cookies, offering a free ice cream scoop with any purchase! Then there’s Dairy Queen, keeping their deal under wraps like a surprise birthday gift. What do you think they’re planning? A new flavor, or maybe a colossal sundae? 🍨🍒

Dippin’ Dots will be doling out free mini cups to customers during a two-hour window at select locations. While Whole Foods is sweetening the deal for ice cream lovers by taking 25% off all ice cream prices till July 19! Prime customers get an extra 10% off at checkout. Now isn’t that a deal to scream for? 😲

Wendy’s is throwing in a free Frosty for those who order a small pack of fries through Grubhub or Seamless. And for the milkshake lovers, Shake Shack has got your back! Order a milkshake between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m., use the promo code SHAKEITUP, and get a second one free! Who are you gonna share the second shake with? 🤷‍♀️

Cold Stone Creamery’s rewards program members get a $5 gift card on spending $25 or more. Baskin Robbins users can shave $5 off an order of $20 or more using the code SEIZETHEYAY. Lastly, Friendly’s is selling single-scoop cones for just 88 cents each on Sunday. Now that’s some cool budgeting, right? 💸

Sure, these deals are great, but let’s not forget what makes this day so special: our universal love for ice cream! 🥰 Be it a hot summer day or a cozy winter night, ice cream never fails to lift our spirits. But why do you think ice cream has such a special place in our hearts and our dessert bowls? 🍦💕

Lastly, what’s your ice cream flavor of choice to celebrate National Ice Cream Day? Will it be a timeless vanilla, a rich chocolate, or are you going for something exotic like green tea matcha? 🍨🍫🍵

Now, doesn’t all this talk about ice cream make you crave a scoop or two? 😏

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End question: With all these mouth-watering deals, which one will you be availing this National Ice Cream Day, and more importantly, what’s the craziest ice cream flavor you’ve ever tried or want to try? 🍨😋