🍹Sober Siren Blake Lively Stirring Up A Storm Over Liquor Launch🌩️

TL;DR: Despite being a teetotaler, actress Blake Lively has ventured into the alcohol business, launching a line of canned cocktails called ‘Betty Booze.’ The irony isn’t lost on us or the internet. Some people are throwing shade, asking how she can market a product she doesn’t even consume. But hey, maybe it’s all about the flavor, not the firewater?

The Glittering ‘Gossip Girl’ 💁‍♀️ star and known non-drinker Blake Lively whipped out a plot twist worthy of a prime-time drama. Our lady has entered the booze biz, releasing a trio of canned cocktails under the moniker ‘Betty Booze.’ Seems like her Betty Buzz non-alcoholic drink mixers needed a boozy sister, huh?

Lively, being no stranger to the world of Instagram, broke the news herself with a post captioned, “Drinking isn’t my thing. But for f* sake, flavor is,” – the internet’s collective eyebrow went up. “Homemade recipes. Real fruit. Real ingredients. Quality booze. No crap. Also a real time saver. Which is why I really did it,” she added. Not that we’re complaining, but it’s a bit like a vegan opening a steakhouse, right?

Now, it’s not like celebs haven’t dipped their toes into the liquor pool before. Clooney’s done it. The Rock’s done it. But those guys aren’t known for abstaining from the occasional libation. Lively, on the other hand, has been pretty public about not being a drinker. So, the question looms large: “How can you market/create a product you don’t openly consume yourself?”

For some, the incongruity stings a bit. It’s like your fitness trainer marketing a line of doughnuts 🍩 while rocking six-pack abs. It’s not exactly against any rules, but it sure does make you scratch your head. However, others are all about it, citing Lively’s focus on flavor and quality. If her brand offers a more delicious sip, who cares if she doesn’t partake? 🤷‍♀️

It’s a funky situation, right? Lively is at the helm of an alcohol brand, but isn’t planning on popping those cans open herself. Is it simply a savvy business move for her, or does it ring false to the rest of us?

What are your thoughts, peeps? Is it a non-issue as long as the drinks are tasty? Or do you need your liquor producers to be a little more…hands-on with their product? 🍸 Is authenticity crucial in today’s saturated celebrity brand market, or is the quality of the product all that really matters?

Disclaimer: The content of this article does not endorse or recommend the consumption of alcohol. Always drink responsibly.