🎉🔥🍾 Drake, Travis Scott, French Montana Party at Dream Hotel in NYC 🎉🔥🍾

TL;DR: Superstars Drake, Travis Scott, and French Montana took the party scene by storm in the Big Apple after Drake’s sold-out performance at Madison Square Garden. The trio wowed guests at the rooftop lounge of the Dream Hotel in Manhattan, with Drake mingling and even spotted having a blast with a hot blonde. Travis hit the DJ booth and hung out with his buddy French, who arrived with his entourage. The night was filled with music, laughter, and celebrity awesomeness!

Let’s get one thing straight – when Drake, Travis Scott, and French Montana show up at a party, you know it’s about to go down! 🎤🎶 And that’s exactly what happened when these A-listers descended upon the rooftop lounge at the Dream Hotel in NYC. It’s like the stars aligned to create the ultimate night of music and fun.

After an electrifying performance at Madison Square Garden, Drake wasn’t done just yet. He graced the Dream Hotel’s rooftop lounge with his presence, and the crowd couldn’t help but go wild. I mean, who wouldn’t be starstruck by the 6 God himself? 🙌

TMZ got the inside scoop with an exclusive video capturing Drake in his element. Walking around like he owns the place (and let’s face it, he pretty much does), the Toronto native effortlessly mingled with guests. But what caught everyone’s attention was his chemistry with a certain hot blonde. 👀 Oh, Drake, spill the tea! Who’s this mystery woman, and what was the vibe all about? We need details!

Of course, Travis Scott wasn’t about to be outshined by his buddy. The hip-hop superstar hopped into the DJ booth, grabbed the mic, and dropped some serious beats. 🎧🎶 But he’s not just about the music; Travis also took a break to hang out with none other than his pal, French Montana.

French, looking as cool as ever, rolled in with a tight-knit crew. He seemed busy texting and chatting on the phone, but that didn’t stop him from having a great time with his peeps. Who wouldn’t want to be part of French’s inner circle? 🤳

Now, we can’t help but wonder what they talked about up there in that lavish rooftop lounge. Did they discuss collaborating on new music? Or maybe they were planning the ultimate celebrity hangout in the city that never sleeps. The possibilities are endless!

But here’s the thing that’s really got us curious: How do these stars manage to look so effortlessly cool while partying it up? 🤔 It’s like they have a secret handbook on being the life of the party. Or perhaps it’s just their magnetic personalities that draw everyone in.

In any case, this star-studded gathering is the stuff dreams are made of. 🔥 A night filled with laughter, music, and friendship – it’s no wonder everyone at the Dream Hotel was in awe. But here’s the real question for all of you out there: If you could party with any of these three superstars, who would you choose, and why? 🎉 Let the debate begin!

Source: TMZ