🎉 🚀 Ageless Wonder Tom Hanks Zooms into 67, Wife Rita Wilson Pours Out Love with a Side of Whimsy 😂 🍹

TL;DR: Rita Wilson, an all-round superwoman, shared an adorably warm and humorous birthday message for her other half, beloved actor Tom Hanks, who just ticked up another year, hitting the ripe age of 67. Aside from gushing over his quirks, like inventing bizarre cocktails 🍸, and his love for typewriters 📠 (just not as much as his love for her!), Wilson also praised Hanks’ commitment to support veterans through his coffee brand. Are we seeing a power couple redefine the meaning of ‘growing old’ together? 💑 🚀

Who knew Forrest Gump could concoct strange yet intriguing cocktails like “Diet Cokecaine” (a mix of Diet Coke and Champagne 🍾) and “Cokearita” (Diet Coke combined with margarita 🍹)? Apparently, Mr. Hanks has a taste for exotic drinks and is notorious for sharing them at events, most notably on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

Rita couldn’t resist poking fun at her hubby’s quirky habits, highlighting his passion for typewriters, and his ability to nap 🛌 anywhere, anytime. We all know one person like that, don’t we? 😂

But Hanks isn’t all quirks and naps. In a heartwarming detail, Wilson shared that Hanks, aside from being happiest when surrounded by family and friends, has also committed to the stories of veterans, creating a coffee brand – Hanx for our Troops – to support them. 🎖ī¸

This intimate peek into the life of one of Hollywood’s most adored couples had fellow celebs swooning, with stars like John Stamos, Sharon Stone, and Elizabeth Perkins dropping in to wish Tom a happy birthday.

Tom and Rita, Hollywood’s power couple, have been together for 35 love-filled years, raising two kids and reminding us all that, as Tom once mentioned, “You’ve got to marry the right person for the right reason”. 💘

But here’s where the intrigue comes in: as Hanks plunges into another year, one filled with weird drink recipes, naps, typewriters, and a continued passion for supporting veterans, will we see even more of his multifaceted personality emerge? 😮 Will we get a glimpse into the secret life of Hanks and his eccentricities or will he remain as our dear old Forrest Gump?

And as for Rita, can she top this epic birthday tribute next year, or has she set the bar so high it’s floating somewhere in space? 🌠 Only time will tell!

What do you guys think? What other secrets could Hanks be hiding, and what outlandish cocktail 🍸 will he concoct next? How about you, do you have any quirky habits that make your partner roll their eyes yet love you even more? đŸĨ° Discuss away in the comments section!

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