🎉 Selena Gomez at 31: Billionaire-in-Progress or Internet Hype? 💸

TL;DR; As Selena Gomez rings in her 31st, whispers abound that she’s inching close to billionaire status, primarily credited to her makeup line Rare Beauty. But, is $800 million just a number, or the real deal? 🤑❓

Selena Gomez recently popped 31 candles on her birthday cake, and it seems the internet’s gift to her (besides a flood of wishes) is an enormous alleged number showcasing her net worth. That’s right, it’s not just “Happy Birthday Selena”, it’s more like “Hey, Selena might be almost a billionaire!” But are we all just part of the rumor mill? 🧐

If we’re to believe the digits popping around, Selena’s bank might be glowing with close to $800 million. 🌟 The intrigue intensifies with CelebrityNetWorth.com stamping this figure, and the key behind this massive vault? Rare Beauty, her makeup brand. 💄

Now, I have to ask… What’s in that blush, gold dust?

A highlight reel from a Bloomberg report suggests that just her Rare Beauty blush raked in around $70 million last year. Do the math, and it points out that RB could bag at least 3 times that amount on just this product. Whew! 🤯 But before we all jump on the billionaire brigade, let’s remember, last year Selena’s total worth was pinned at a mere $95 million.

How does one jump from $95 million to $800 million? Is that the new celebrity glow up?

Hitting the rewind button, celebs have been making it big in the cosmetic universe. Flashback to Kylie Jenner who turned her makeup love into a billion-dollar brand. And now, it seems Selena might be grooving on a similar path. But, is she really catching up or just riding a temporary wave? 🌊

While we ponder on that, Selena didn’t forget to give a shoutout to Rare Beauty on her birthday. 🎈 Yet, the question here isn’t about the birthday wishes, but about the net worth wishes.

So, what’s the real deal behind these numbers? Is Selena actually moving in the billionaire lane, or is the internet just playing Chinese whispers with an extra dose of zeros? And more importantly, if this is true, who’s next in line in the celeb world to join the billionaire club? 🤔

Disclaimer: This article is based on information available online and doesn’t intend to provide financial or professional advice.

Final Question: With celebs hitting jackpot in the cosmetics world, who do you think is the next contender for the billionaire’s title? 💄💰❓