🎉Second Home Run for ESPN’s Laura Rutledge: It’s a Boy! ⚾

Baby Buzzer! ESPN’s host Laura Rutledge and former MLB star hubby, Josh, score their second kiddo, a bouncing baby boy named Jack. Their firstborn, Reese, becomes a big sister, swapping her solo career for a family band. 🎈🍼👶

Down in Atlanta, things have taken a turn for the adorable. Former MLB infielder, Josh Rutledge, and ESPN’s all-star host, Laura Rutledge, have introduced their newest team member to the world. Born under the floodlights of fame, this little slugger named Jack has already got the crowd going wild.

With a playful smile, Laura and Josh unveiled their rookie player, announcing his arrival into the world. We’ve got to wonder if Jack is already flexing a tiny baseball mitt, ready to follow in his dad’s infielder footsteps. The Rutledge duo, previously a trio, is now officially a quartet, leveling up their family game.

In a world full of news that often feels like a curveball, this is just the wholesome pitch we needed. Laura and Josh, known for their collaborative spirit on and off-camera, made the delightful announcement of their second offspring this Monday. Their firstborn, a little starlet named Reese, born in October 2019, now shares the title of ‘Rutledge kid’. 🧒👧

It’s clear the Rutledge clan is growing their own league. Two kids under four? That’s one busy dugout. Laura and Josh have shown their parenting prowess, juggling careers and kiddos like pros. But will they stop at two, or is a baseball team their real goal? We’re curious, aren’t you? 🤔

When asked about their plans for more little leaguers, Laura and Josh played coy. Could we expect a future Rutledge generation on ESPN or the MLB? With such sporty genes, we wouldn’t be surprised if Reese and Jack run the bases of their parents’ respective industries. Who knows, maybe Reese will end up hosting her own show, while Jack hits home runs like his dad. 👩‍🎤⚾

While we wait to see how their futures unfold, let’s sit back and celebrate this delightful piece of news. The world might feel like it’s pitching a no-hitter at times, but then we get a headline like this that just hits right out of the park. The Rutledge family is on a roll, and we can’t help but cheer for them. But here’s a fun question to ponder: If you were born to parents so immersed in sports, what would you choose to be when you grow up? 🏀🏈⚽🏐🏉🎾🥏

By the way, we’re just reporting the facts here, not giving you any life advice. For the record, Turnt Up News doesn’t do recommendations. We’re just here to share the awesome and sometimes hilarious news with our readers. So let’s keep the party going, and remember, in the end, it’s all about the good vibes, right? 🥳🎉

So let’s wind up this story with a little pitch of our own: if you could ask baby Jack one question about his future, what would it be? Let’s have some fun in the comments! What do you think, will Jack become an MLB player like his dad, an ESPN host like his mom, or maybe something totally different? Time to call your shot, folks! ⏰🔮📣