🎀 Jessie J to Haters: “Embrace that Bowddddy!” After Birth of Son Sky 🍼

TL:DR; After giving birth to her son Sky, Jessie J hits back at those dropping unsolicited comments about her post-birth body. Preach, Jessie! πŸ™Œ

Fresh out of the oven and already serving looks, vibes, and an essential message for all – Jessie J is here to remind us that motherhood and body love are inextricably tied. Rocking her postpartum bod with grace and sass, she’s got a PSA for anyone casting shade. 🌴

When you hear someone talking about “getting the body back after birth,” how does it make you feel? πŸ€” Well, Jessie J is flipping the script. The singer, known for bops like “Price Tag,” responded to the subtle (and not-so-subtle) jabs about her post-baby physique with a clear message. She expressed, β€œThat body is gone. I want my body to go forward. I’m getting my body forward.”

Say what? Yup! πŸš€ Moving forward, not backward, ladies and gents! She stresses the importance of embracing changes, cheering, “Embrace that bowddddy!” Got a mirror? Go, look, and tell yourself you’re fabulous!

Jessie J, christened Jessica Ellen Cornish, announced her pregnancy joyously in January, amidst some fear given the challenges she’d faced. She had a heartbreaking miscarriage, which she’s previously talked about. Isn’t resilience awe-inspiring? But hold up, what’s the juiciest way to deal with any overwhelming feelings? β€œHonestly, ya girl just wants to ugly cry in public in a catsuit eating a chocolate-covered pickle with no questions asked,” Jessie says. Seriously, who hasn’t felt that way? 🍫πŸ₯’

Also, for those in the back wondering about baby daddy deets – it’s basketball star Chanan Safir Colman. Swish! πŸ€

But with everything Jessie’s been through and the energy she’s putting into reshaping the narrative around motherhood, what does it tell us? Body positivity, especially postpartum, is more than just a hashtag. It’s a life, a journey, and a struggle that many silently go through. Why silent, though? When you hear stories like these, does it make you want to rethink body norms? 🌌

So, next time you catch someone being a little judge-y, maybe slide in a question, a la Jessie J style: “Going back? Why not go forward?” Because isn’t life all about moving ahead? πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈπŸšΆ

Question to Ponder: With artists like Jessie J opening up about their journey, will we see a shift in societal perspectives on postpartum bodies? πŸŒπŸ”„