🎬Davis on ‘Sex and the City’ Drama with Cattrall: “Can’t Fix What Ain’t in My Toolbox”🔧

Kristin Davis, our favorite uptight socialite ‘Charlotte York’ from ‘Sex and the City,’ recently spilled the tea ☕ on her stance on the ongoing drama with Kim Cattrall. Davis stated, quite sensibly, that she won’t be spending her energy on the Cattrall debacle. Despite Cattrall’s previously announced departure from the franchise and some beef with Sarah Jessica Parker, she’s set to make a cameo in the sequel series ‘And Just Like That.’ However, Davis won’t be making calls to the drama helpline any time soon, as she said, “I can’t change anybody.” 🤷‍♀️

Hold up, let’s dissect this juicier-than-a-New-York-hotdog drama! 😲 So, remember when Kim Cattrall aka ‘Samantha Jones,’ the PR guru with a black book thicker than a Thanksgiving turkey, announced she was quitting the show back in 2016? 🦃 Yes, that one! Cattrall believed the script for the proposed third movie didn’t do justice to her character. But plot twist: Cattrall is now making a cameo in the upcoming second season of ‘And Just Like That,’ with her scene not airing until August.

Cattrall’s decision to walk away from Samantha led to a public fallout with Sarah Jessica Parker aka ‘Carrie Bradshaw,’ the woman who makes us question if writing about sex pays enough for a closet full of Manolo Blahniks. 🥿👠 When asked if any of the cast members have been chatting with Cattrall, Davis was like, “Nah, fam.” 📵 To quote her, “You have to respect people’s wishes. I’m not gonna waste energy on it. I can’t change anybody. I do understand fans’ feelings — that they’re upset… I wish I could fix it, but I can’t. It’s not in my power.”

Then there’s Davis, back again in her pearl necklace and perfectly ironed skirt as ‘Charlotte York.’ Is she worried about the Cattrall controversy? Nope! She even said she “wouldn’t change a single thing” about playing Charlotte, as the character has shown tremendous growth. But will we see more of Charlotte as the show continues? Davis doesn’t think so. “I really don’t think we’ll still be doing it in 10 years time. That would be weird.” she said.

Season 2 of ‘And Just Like That’ premieres on June 22, with Davis once again serving us high-society charm as Charlotte. Cattrall’s cameo was filmed remotely, without any of the original cast members present. Adding more salt to the wounds, Patricia Field, the celebrated costume designer from ‘Sex and the City,’ who’s not part of ‘And Just Like That,’ also returned to dress Samantha for her scene. Talk about drama on and off-screen! 🍿🍿

But here’s the real question. With all this he said, she said, will the show lose its original charm without the full, original fab four? 💄👛🍸 Are you willing to tune in despite the real-world drama, or do you think it’s time to let ‘Sex and the City’ live in its glamorous, pre-Instagram past?

And finally, what’s your take on Davis’ stand: is it a wise move to stay out of the drama, or should she try to mediate a resolution for the sake of the fans and the show? 🎭