🎬Emmys 2023 Drama! More Binge-Watching Delays or a Plot Twist? 🍿

TL;DR: Emmy awards likely moving to January 2024 due to Hollywood strikes. This shakeup comes after actors and writers hit the streets in protest. The last Emmy delay? 2001, post-9/11. 😲

In a turn of events that sounds like it’s ripped straight from the script of an edgy drama series, the glitz and glamour of Emmy awards 2023 is rumored to be pushed back…again! But why? 🤷

Well, put down that remote! It’s not your Wi-Fi lagging, but Hollywood itself! Actors said, “no more!” and writers have been shouting, “revise this!” since May. 🔥 They’re not rehearsing their lines but are seriously disrupting the show biz. We’re talking picket lines and placards instead of red carpets and paparazzi. These industry elites aren’t just debating who wore it better, they’re deep in negotiations.

Originally set to grace our screens on 18 September, the show might just pop up in January 2024. But, here’s the catch – this sequel has a plot condition. All the drama between studios and guilds needs a resolution. Or else? We might be left on a cliffhanger! 📺

The last time Emmys played a delay card? You’d have to rewind to 2001 when the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks gave us a November date. And boy, that episode was…different. 🕰️

Only a fortnight ago, Emmy nominations shook the table. Big hits like Succession, The Last of Us, The White Lotus, and everyone’s favorite, Ted Lasso, snagged their spots. Yet, just as the confetti settled, the dual work-stoppage drama announced its entrance.🚫🎥

Wait, there’s more! The Creative Arts Emmys, giving a nod to the behind-the-scenes maestros of TV, might face the music of these strikes too. Originally scheduled for 9 and 10 September, their fate hangs in the balance. ⚖️

Fox, the would-be Emmy broadcaster, seems to be channeling their inner mime because they’ve stayed silent. And the Television Academy? Let’s just say, they’ve left us on ‘read’.🤫

But here’s a question for you: In a world where everyone’s a critic and binge-watching is the norm, will this delay up the hype or douse the excitement? 🧐 And for all the show addicts out there – if Emmy night turns out to be a no-show night, what’s your plan B? An Emmy-themed party or a throwback binge-watch marathon?

Final Question: If a strike can halt the Emmy’s, what’s the REAL power of Hollywood’s backstage players?🎭🔥