🎮 Nintendo’s Coins Go Cha-Ching! Mario Movie Magic Means Mega Moolah! 🍄

TL;DR;: Nintendo sees a massive 52% profit jump, partly thanks to the gold coin success of the Super Mario Bros. Movie 🎥. Mario and the gang are on fire, second only to Frozen II in animation film rankings. Zelda game and increased sales of Switch consoles add to the party. But, what’s next for our favorite plumber? 🤔

Nintendo, that classic company from the historically rich city of Kyoto, is having one wild party! Why? Well, let’s just say Mario decided to trade in his red hat 🧢 for a director’s cap, and, boy, did it pay off!

First off, let’s talk movies. The “Super Mario Bros. Movie” has been such a smashing hit 🌟, it pulled in a cool $1.3 billion and saw more than 168 million eager fans flooding cinemas across the globe 🌍. Talk about star power! Want to hear something even crazier? This pixel-packed film now ranks second among top-selling animation films, losing out only to “Frozen II.” And let’s not even start with the “Lion King” 2019 debate, because, well, is it really animation? 🤷‍♂️

Games anyone? 🎮 Legend has it that “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom,” released earlier this year, is also basking in the spotlight. This game is the latest gem in the action-adventure series that has fans going bananas. And speaking of games, hardware sales for the Nintendo Switch jumped by almost 14%, selling 3.9 million machines! On the software front, the scene looks even shinier, with a 26% increase, translating to 52 million games sold. It’s raining coins, hallelujah! 🌧💰

Remember when Nintendo told us that they want every family member to have their own Switch, rather than just one per household? Sounds like a pretty ambitious dream, right? But, guess what? “Pikmin 4” 🌱, released last month, is just one of the many games promoting this vision. With more games like “Super Mario Bros. Wonder” set to release soon, who knows how high this gaming giant can leap!

Now, let’s put the cherry on top. Apart from the booming sales from the Super Mario movie 🍿, other royalties are also pouring into Nintendo’s treasure chest. This includes the increasing revenue from the downloadable game versions, a sector where Nintendo is rapidly marking its territory.

But here’s where things get a bit tricky. Despite all this festive news, Nintendo has decided to keep its full-year profit forecast unchanged at 340 billion yen ($2.4 billion), a drop of 21% compared to last year. 🤨

So, we’ve got to ask: With all this epic success, why’s Nintendo playing it cool with their forecasts? 🧐 And with Mario’s film achievement setting such a high bar, what cinematic wonders could we expect next from the gaming world? Mario Kart: The Movie, perhaps? Or a drama-filled, tear-jerking story about Luigi? Share your wild predictions below! 🎤🔽