🎲Teen Titanic Sub Tragedy: A Quest for Rubik’s Cube Glory Ends in the Deep Blue💔

TL;DR: In a tragic turn of events, 19-year-old Suleman Dawood, a passenger who tragically died on the OceanGate’s Titanic submersible, had dreams bigger than most – he was set to break the world record for the quickest Rubik’s Cube solve. He even believed he could conquer the colorful puzzle underwater. A touching homage from his family now sees them determined to solve the Rubik’s Cube in his honor. A sad reminder that life, just like a Rubik’s Cube, can twist unexpectedly.

The story of Suleman Dawood, a 19-year-old who tragically died aboard the Titanic submersible, isn’t just another tale of an ill-fated voyage, it’s a journey full of dreams, aspirations, and a Rubik’s Cube. Yes, you read it right – a Rubik’s Cube. This wasn’t just an ordinary teenage boy; he was poised to smash the record for the fastest Rubik’s Cube solve, a title currently held by Max Park at 3.13 seconds. Can you imagine that level of dexterity, speed, and strategy? 🧐

A home video of Suleman, now widely shared, shows him solving the vibrant toy puzzle in about 19 seconds. While he acknowledged that he wasn’t yet fast enough to surpass Park, Suleman exuded an aura of self-belief, confidence that he could improve, and a daring goal. Before embarking on his ultimately doomed underwater journey, he even claimed he would solve it underwater. Ever thought about how challenging that would be? Can you visualize twisting and turning a Rubik’s cube while submerged in water? 🌊

Of course, Suleman’s family was incredibly proud of him. His mother, Christine Dawood, speaks in an interview of their torturous days of hope after the submersible initially went missing. The gut-wrenching twist in this tragic saga is Christine’s admission that she had initially planned to go on the journey with her husband, Shahzada, but had ceded her spot to Suleman who really wanted to go. In retrospect, she regrets this decision, a sentiment that tugs at our hearts.

Adding to the poignant tale, Christine has shared that she and her surviving daughter have made a heartfelt pledge – to learn to solve the Rubik’s Cube in honor of Suleman. It’s a fitting tribute, don’t you think? To honor a life cut short by keeping alive his dream, his passion for the Rubik’s Cube. 🕯️

Remember, every dream is significant, every life precious. Suleman Dawood may not have lived to fulfill his dream of breaking the Rubik’s Cube world record, but his story serves as a reminder that every moment of our existence is precious, every goal worth pursuing. 😢

As we sign off this tale of tragedy, ambition, and love, we leave you with a thought – how will you honor the dreams of those who can’t fulfill them anymore? And could we ever fathom the depth of a mother’s regret?🤔