🎵Kesha Cracks the Legal Nut, Leaves Dr. Luke in a Public Figure Jam!💼

TL;DR;: 🎤Popstar Kesha smashes a legal victory as the court finally declares Dr. Luke, her former producer and the man behind a defamation lawsuit against her, as a “public figure.” This changes the game, folks, as it tosses a spikier hurdle in Dr. Luke’s path. The man now has to prove Kesha knowingly spread false, defamatory statements or showed complete “I don’t give a flip” attitude towards the truth. Ain’t that a plot twist? 🌀

🏢New York’s high court dropped this bombshell of a ruling, flipping the script on a 2021 decision that had placed Dr. Luke in the safer “private figure” category. If that decision stood, Dr. Luke only needed to demonstrate that Kesha was negligent in her comments. Oh, how the tables have turned! 🔄

Judge Michael Garcia put it in black and white: “By 2014, when Gottwald initiated this defamation action, he was, by his own account, a celebrity—an acclaimed music producer who had achieved enormous success in a high-profile career.” Makes sense, right? Who is a public figure if not a celebrity? 🌟

The court also green-lit Kesha, or Kesha Rose Sebert in the legal world, to throw counterclaims under New York’s updated anti-SLAPP law, a rule that frowns upon lawsuits used as free speech silencers. 🚫🔇

Dr. Luke’s lawyer, Christine Lepera, still stands tall, expressing confidence in winning the defamation trial and kicking Kesha’s counterclaim to the curb. “Therefore, at trial, Ms. Sebert will be required to defend her harmful and long-standing press campaign against Mr. Gottwald.” Now, wouldn’t that be a showdown? 🐎

Back in 2014, Kesha let loose allegations of sexual assault against Dr. Luke. He turned the tables, hitting back with a defamation lawsuit. Just last year, a New York judge threw shade at Kesha’s claims, declaring them defamatory because, according to them, Dr. Luke wasn’t a public figure. But with this latest ruling, it seems the judicial scales are swaying in Kesha’s favor.🔥

The whole circus is now gearing up for a trial, set to kick off in July. Meanwhile, Kesha hasn’t let the legal drama dampen her beats. She’s recently dropped her album Gag Order through RCA Records and Dr. Luke’s imprint, Kemosabe Records. 🎶

So here’s the question on everyone’s lips: will Kesha’s latest legal victory shape the future of the trial, or will Dr. Luke manage to conduct a last-minute harmony of his own? 🎵😎 And does this case set a precedent for celebrity lawsuits in the future? Over to you, folks!