🎶Father of Selena Sails into a Legal Battle with Cruise Company over Unauthorized Tribute🚢💥

Selena Quintanilla’s dad, Abraham Quintanilla Jr., is battling it out in court with Catalina Classic Cruises. The reason? The cruise company launched a Cumbia Cruise L.A., supposedly as a tribute to Selena, and didn’t bother to get Papa Quintanilla’s go-ahead. The man is not amused. Cue legal tussle!🥊


Abraham Quintanilla Jr., father of the late music legend Selena Quintanilla, has dropped the legal gloves against Catalina Classic Cruises. What’s the ruckus about? The company decided to take fans of Selena on a cruise, dubbing it a tribute to the iconic singer. The catch? They didn’t run it by her father. Oops! Did someone say copyright infringement?🤷

Abraham claims the company used his daughter’s name and legacy without his permission. Imagine waking up to find a tribute cruise to your late daughter and you had zero idea about it. Not exactly a “Good Morning America” moment, right? 😲

This whole saga is like a telenovela unfolding on the high seas. Selena, a beloved figure in the music world, made cumbia pop famous before her tragic death. Her legacy has lived on through her music, but it seems some folks thought they could also make it sail on the ocean waves without as much as a ‘por favor’.🌊🚢🎶

Abraham is seeking undisclosed damages and a court order to stop Catalina Classic Cruises from using Selena’s name and image in their promotions. This legal battle could set a precedent for other posthumous celebrity tributes. So, buckle up folks, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!😵

To stir the pot a bit more, this isn’t the first time Abraham has had to fight for Selena’s legacy. In the past, he’s had to sue to protect her image and legacy from unauthorized use. It appears like a case of ‘deja vu all over again’. You’d think people would learn, right? But, nope!🔄

But let’s take a step back here. Should we give Catalina Classic Cruises the benefit of the doubt? Maybe they just wanted to honor Selena’s memory with a tribute voyage. Or perhaps they just saw an opportunity to cash in on her fame. What do you think?🧐

As we wait for the final verdict, the bigger question to ponder is: where do we draw the line between paying tribute and capitalizing on a legacy? Is it okay to use someone’s name and image without consent if it’s meant to honor them? Or does the line blur when profits start rolling in?🤔💰

We would love to hear your thoughts! So drop us a comment, start a debate, or simply let us know if you’d go on a Selena tribute cruise. As this legal battle sets sail, let’s see where the wind blows us. And always remember, Turnt Up News doesn’t promote or endorse any legal actions or investments – we’re just here to spill the tea. Stay tuned, and keep it Turnt Up!🔥🎤

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Last question for ya, who should control the legacy of a beloved star after their passing, their family, or the public? Let’s discuss!🗣️🎬