🎶Tom Sandoval Jams with Imaginary Adele While Mysteriously Mute on Raquel Leviss’ Status🤐

TL;DR;🔥: Tom Sandoval, the name on everyone’s lips, seemingly dodges questions about fellow Vanderpump star Raquel Leviss while waxing lyrical about a dream duet with none other than songstress Adele. All this unfolds in the wake of an unexpected serenade during an Adele concert. Meanwhile, questions about Ariana Madix’s future performance spark more intrigue. But seriously, what’s up with Raquel? 🕵️‍♀️

Hey, ever wonder what it’d be like to be a fly on the wall when Tom Sandoval, a celeb fixture of the Vanderpump rules fame, starts musing about his pop-star dreams?🎵 No? Well, hold on to your reality-TV-loving socks because that’s exactly what went down recently.

The scene? Sandoval exiting the IntoMeSea Spa in Santa Monica, accompanied by reality show alum Billie Lee. With the smell of essential oils still hanging in the air, Sandoval finds himself caught in a barrage of questions from a persistent photog. The result? Pure, unfiltered Sandoval. 📸

First off, the photog cheekily referenced Adele’s recent shout-out to ‘Scandoval’ during one of her Vegas shows. And how did Sandoval react? With a hopeful twinkle in his eyes and a dreamy tune on his lips, seemingly pitching for a duet with the Grammy-winner. Now that’s what we call shooting for the stars, eh? 🌟 But we gotta ask, would Adele be down for this? And how would that collab sound? 🎤

However, the banter took a more serious tone when the topic of Ariana Madix came up. Would she excel on the still-unnamed project she’s linked with? Sandoval, ever the diplomat, avoided giving a straightforward answer. But we can’t help but wonder, why so evasive, Tommy boy? What are we not seeing here? 🧐

But the real mystery of the day was the silence surrounding Raquel Leviss. As a fellow Vanderpump star, you’d think her name would be tossed around like confetti, right? Wrong! Sandoval, usually so chatty, clammed up like an oyster guarding its pearl when Raquel’s name was mentioned. Hmm, what’s going on here? 🤔

Hey, we’re just here to spill the tea, not brew it. And let’s be honest, celebs and their lives are sometimes more complex than a Game of Thrones plot. So, are these silences telling us something? Or are we reading too much into it? 📚

Stay woke, folks. Because in the world of celebrity chit-chat, even silence can speak volumes. But seriously, Tom, what’s up with Raquel? And would Adele ever consider that duet? And if she did, would it be a chart-topper or a total flop? 🤷‍♀️

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So, what do you think? Is there a chance Adele would agree to a duet with Sandoval? Would it be a hit or a hilarious misstep? And what’s the deal with Raquel Leviss – why the silence, Sandoval? 🕵️‍♀️ Your guess is as good as ours! Drop your thoughts below and let’s keep this conversation rolling! 🔮