🎸 Bret Michaels Bids Adieu to Calabasas Crib, Banks $6.25 Million! 💰🏠

🎵 Rockstar Bret Michaels waves goodbye to his Calabasas crib, tucking a cool $6.25 million in his back pocket. The “every rose has its thorn” dude seems to have found a thornless rose in this deal, especially considering he bought the pad as an investment in 2020 for a mere $4.8 million. The estate, equipped with some nifty views and rad amenities, promises to be the dreamboat for the new owner. 🌃⛳🏔

🎤 Howdy, Turnt Up News readers! Are you ready to dive into the glamorous, and occasionally ludicrous, world of celebrity real estate?

What if we told you that Bret Michaels, the swaggy lead singer of Poison, just traded in his Calabasas crib for a hefty $6.25 million? Yep, it’s true, the rockstar has left the building! 💸🤘

Now, one might wonder, “How did this sweet deal come to pass?” 🤔 Bret picked up this Calabasas casa in 2020 as an investment, coughing up just under $4.8 million. And voila, a couple of years later, he’s made a solid profit. Hey, who said rockstars can’t be savvy businessmen too? 🎵💼

So, what makes this pad so special? It’s all about location, location, location! This 5,950 sq. feet oasis offers its inhabitants a primo view of the city lights, nearby golf courses, and the mountains. Not a bad sight to wake up to, huh? 🏞🏌️‍♀️🌃

But wait, there’s more! The new lucky owner will be able to entertain their pals with an awesome custom pool, spa, and gazebo. And if they’re looking for more indoor fun, there’s a billiards room and a gym too. Sounds like a party, doesn’t it? 🎱💪🥳

A little birdie tells us that the property was sold off-market, with BOTH sides of the deal handled by none other than Jordan Cohen. Talk about a twofer, right? Also, this is quite the victory for Jordan as it went down on the same day his book released. Coincidence or some uncanny rock ‘n’ roll sorcery? You decide! 📚🎸🔮

So, as we take a final peek at Bret’s former abode, we can’t help but wonder: Was this move a savvy business decision, or did the thorny nostalgia of his Poison days urge him to bid adieu? What do you think? 🤔💭

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Now here’s a question to get your minds ticking: If you had a sudden windfall of $6.25 million, would you splurge on a Calabasas oasis, invest it like Bret, or something totally different? 🤑💭💸