🎸Fogerty’s Rockin’ Mansion: A Cool $20 Mil to Live in a Rock Legend’s Paradise 🌴

The ‘Fortunate Son’ of rock and roll, John Fogerty, has swung open the doors of his Westlake Village mansion for potential buyers. The price to tap into this rockstar’s lifestyle? A smooth $20 million. Complete with double recording studios, an expansive wine wall, and a view that would make a bald eagle weep, this property is a showstopper. 🏠🎶🍷⛰️

In the high-stakes world of celebrity real estate, few properties match the charisma and mystique of this legendary musician’s estate. Nestled in the Hidden Valley gated community, this 18,600-square-foot masterpiece sits on a whopping 22 acres, with a panorama that stretches from the mountains to the Pacific Ocean. Talk about a room (or several) with a view! 🌅🏞️

Remember, Fogerty’s not just any musician — he’s the founder and lead singer of Creedence Clearwater Revival, so you know there’s a bit of rock ‘n’ roll history seeped into these walls. He splashed just under $9 million for the place a decade ago. Since then, his wife Julie has played the role of a top-tier real estate maestro, transforming the property into the stellar spectacle it is today.

A huge part of that transformation? Not one, but TWO recording studios. Want to lay down some late-night tracks after a pool party, or experiment with your band in the comfort of your home? Fogerty’s got you covered. 🎤🎧🥁

And that’s not all. The property also boasts a home theater (popcorn machine not confirmed) and an impressive wine wall (bottles sadly not included). So whether you’re a movie buff or a sommelier in the making, there’s a slice of this estate that’ll feel like it was made for you. 🍿🍷🎥

The estate’s external features add to its allure, showcasing stunning landscaping, a courtyard, and, of course, the prerequisite celebrity pool. Because what’s a rockstar mansion without a pool to throw televisions into? 🌳🏊‍♂️💦

One could argue that for $20 million, it’s quite the price to pay. But hey, can you really put a price on living the rockstar dream? I mean, who wouldn’t want to wake up in a bed where ‘Bad Moon Rising’ was probably written, right?

But here’s the million (or should we say 20 million) dollar question: Would you be willing to cough up that kind of dough for a slice of rock history and luxury living? Or would you rather keep the money and just belt out ‘Have You Ever Seen The Rain?’ in your current shower? And more importantly, does the house come with a lifetime supply of plaid flannels and bandanas? We can only dream, folks! 🎸🤑💭

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