🏇 Arcangelo Trots Into History: First Ever Triple Crown Champ Trained by a Woman! 💁‍♀️👑

TL:DR; In an absolute whoop and a holler, Arcangelo, the dark horse of the competition, clinched victory in the 155th Belmont Stakes, making his trainer, Jena Antonucci, the first woman ever to bask in the glory of training a Triple Crown winner. Bob Baffert’s National Treasure, the Preakness hero, became a fading memory as Arcangelo’s thundering hooves brought home the bacon.

🐴🏁 Now picture this, folks. It’s Saturday evening and the tension is as thick as a jumbo pizza with extra cheese. The stakes (no pun intended) have never been higher. Out there on the muddy battlefield known as Belmont Park, the fine filly Arcangelo defied the 7-1 odds, galloped his way to history, and made one trainer the happiest gal in the world. So, can anyone tell me how the favorites managed to lose this one? 🤔

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s not forget our runner-up, Forte. He came with the best odds, the crowd’s cheers, and yet found himself staring at Arcangelo’s tail at the finish line. Was it overconfidence, or just the beauty of unpredictable sports? 🥈

And here’s a thought for you. This year’s “Test of Champions” was a bust for the so-called champs. Tapit Trice, another 5-1 favorite, had to settle for a bronze medal. Three cheers for the underdog, am I right? 🍻

How about a moment of silence for our Preakness winner, National Treasure, whose luck seemed to run dry as he faded down the final stretch. Arcangelo snuck right past him, proving once again that it’s not over ’til the fat lady sings. Or in this case, ’til the jockey hollers! 🎭

🔮 The crystal ball of horse racing continues to be cloudy as ever, with three different winners for the three Triple Crown races five years in a row. Do we need to call in a mystic or something to figure this out?

But hey, let’s give it up for our no-show, Mage, the Kentucky Derby champ, who decided to take a rain check on the Belmont Stakes. Wonder if he’s got a case of the jitters or just saving his energy for Saratoga in August? 🏖️

Now that the dust has settled, let’s take a moment to applaud our shining star, Arcangelo, and the real wonder woman, Jena Antonucci. Congrats on showing the world that girl power can rock the racetrack too! 👩‍🎤

💭 But it makes you think, doesn’t it? With horse racing being such a fickle beast, can Jena repeat her success next year? Or will another dark horse come out of the shadows to challenge the crown? And what does this mean for future female trainers? Is the racecourse no longer just a man’s world? 🚺

(DISCLAIMER: This article is meant to share information about the 2023 Belmont Stakes and does not promote betting or gambling. It is merely an entertaining take on the event and should not be considered advice or a recommendation.)