🏈 Game Over, Hancock! College Football Playoff Boss Bowing Out After Mega 12-Team Debut 🏁

TL;DR: Bill Hancock, the big boss man of the College Football Playoff (CFP) says ‘sayonara’ to his gig, as he plans to hang up his boots in 2025, post the introduction of the super-duper 12-team CFP. It’s not goodbye yet, he’ll be playing his part till the last whistle, and then it’s game over for him, ready to enjoy the bleachers with his better half, Nicki. 😎🏟️💼

The gridiron is about to lose one of its stalwarts. Bill Hancock, the man who has been steering the College Football Playoff (CFP) ship since its inception, has announced his plans to retire in 2025. But don’t worry, Hancock fans, he’s not going anywhere until he’s seen through the first-ever 12-team CFP. Talk about leaving on a high, right? 🏆🏈

Hancock, ever the sportsman, said, “My time at the CFP has been a dream come true. I cherish what I do and the folks I get to work with. And I do love college football.” 🎉👏 He’s going to ‘run through the tape,’ as the track coaches say, right until the end. This is no half-time exit, folks! 🏃‍♂️🎽

But what about life post-retirement? Hancock is pretty stoked about whatever next steps are waiting for him and his wife, Nicki. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be hanging out in the stands, hotdog in hand, without the pressure of orchestrating the whole show? 🌭🎪

Now, let’s not forget, Hancock was the first executive director of the CFP since its start in 2012. That’s quite a tenure, folks! 🕰️👴 He’s seen college football evolve, he’s been through it all – the victories, the defeats, the scandals, the miracles, and even the awkward spelling mishaps (looking at you, Madison Square Garden and your “Oaklahoma” sign). 🤦‍♂️🤣

But as they say, all good things must come to an end. And Hancock is ready to pass the torch. Not just yet, though. He’s going to stick around for this year’s championship game in Houston, and help groom the new executive director. Talk about a team player! 🤝🔦

Hancock reminisces about his journey, the good times, the unforgettable memories, and even acknowledges a tinge of melancholy at parting ways with his terrific colleagues. But overall, he’s pretty chuffed. The CFP is in a healthy state, and he’s excited about this year’s four-team CFP and the grand entrance into the new era. 🌟✌️

So, are you ready for the post-Hancock era? Do you think the 12-team playoff will be the epic send-off Hancock deserves? And who do you think can fill those mighty big shoes he’s going to leave behind? Let’s hear those predictions! 🤔🔮💭

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