🏈 McMillan’s On the Bench, But Not Out: Patriots Secure the Injured Linebacker Through 2024 with a Cool $2.245 Million Deal 😎

TL;DR: The New England Patriots aren’t letting go of their linebacker Raekwon McMillan despite his Achilles injury. A one-year contract extension worth up to $2.245 million keeps him on the team through 2024. What’s in this special bond between McMillan and the Patriots? 🧐

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Raekwon McMillan, 27, is like that favorite old shirt that you can’t part with, even if it’s got a tear or two. Only in this analogy, the shirt is a versatile linebacker, and the tear is a partially torn Achilles. But hey, who’s judging? 🤷

The Patriots, rather than casting McMillan aside, have decided to cling to him tighter with a one-year contract extension. That’s some serious relationship goals right there! 💑 But is love truly blind, or is there a method to this madness?

Before we raise our eyebrows too high, let’s remember the good times. In the 16 games McMillan played for the Patriots last season, he rocked 35 tackles and celebrated his first career sack and touchdown return. Can we say sparkles? ✨

Bill Belichick, Patriots’ head coach, didn’t shy away from showering praise, highlighting McMillan’s versatility. “It just was an unfortunate situation, but you know, he’s young. I think things went well when he came back from the ACL a year ago… hopefully, he’ll be back,” he said.

But let’s pause for a second. McMillan’s 2021 ended with a torn ACL. Now, a torn Achilles. Is the Patriots’ loyalty a one-of-a-kind love story, or are they gambling on a wounded warrior? 🎲

It’s not the first time New England has shown faith in McMillan. After stops with the Miami Dolphins and Las Vegas Raiders, the Patriots embraced him as a 33-game starter, with stats like 204 tackles, three forced fumbles, and one fumble recovery.

But back to that Achilles injury. Isn’t it a bit wild to bet on a player who’s literally on the bench? Isn’t that like ordering a milkshake and hoping it turns into a sundae? 🍨

Then again, with McMillan’s past performance, the Patriots might be seeing something the rest of us aren’t. Like parents cheering on their kid’s art, they see potential where others see scribbles. Is this intuition or just a wild gamble?

Maybe the Patriots are onto something. Maybe they’re pioneering a new trend in player management, one that values long-term potential over short-term setbacks. Or maybe they’re that friend who keeps fixing their old car instead of buying a new one. 🚗💥

And now, the question that’s burning brighter than a halftime show: Is the Patriots’ choice to stick with McMillan an act of visionary leadership, a sentimental attachment, or a risky roll of the dice? And most importantly, would you bet your milkshake on it? 🥤🎰