🏈 ‘Quadzilla Meets Bobblemania’: AJ Dillon Gets the Bobble With a Twist! πŸ•Ί

TL:DR; The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame drops a fresh AJ Dillon bobblehead with – wait for it – bobbling quads! 🀯 Limited edition, so don’t sleep on it.

When you think bobbleheads, you probably think of those fun, wobbly-headed figurines chilling on your grandpa’s car dashboard, right? But what if I told you the game’s changed and now we’ve got QUADS that bobble too? 😲 That’s right, party peeps!

So here’s the tea β˜•: The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame, partnering with the ultra-cool Bobbles Galore, has just unleashed a limited-edition bobblehead of the Green Bay Packers’ sensation, AJ Dillon. But it’s not just his head that’s getting the bobble treatment. Nah fam, it’s those monstrous quads too! 🦡πŸ’₯

Wondering why the quads? πŸ€” Well, if you’ve been living under a rock, AJ Dillon has some pretty epic quads, lovingly dubbed β€˜Quadzilla’ and β€˜Quadfather’. This bobblehead captures all of that quad glory with Dillon, flashing a million-dollar smile 😁, holding a football 🏈, and set upon a turf-looking base with his name and those quad nicknames making their star appearance.

A little birdie (okay, it was Phil Sklar, co-founder and CEO of the Hall of Fame) said, β€œAJ has become a fan favorite for his work both on and off the field, and we know fans are going to love this very unique bobblehead.” Unique? That’s an understatement! πŸ˜…

Looking to grab one? Time to act fast! They’re only dropping 500 of these bad boys. You can cop yours either online or, for the old schoolers, at their museum. And it’s coming right on cue for the Packers’ 2023 Training Camp! But, $50 plus shipping? Hmm, what’s the price of uniqueness? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame isn’t just about these quirky figurines. Located at 170 South 1st Street in Milwaukee, they also dish out custom bobbleheads for those looking to get a nodding mini-me or for various organizations and teams. So, if you’re plotting to surprise your cat-obsessed aunt with a bobbling feline, they’ve got your back! 😺

Still, this AJ Dillon bobble is really turning heads…and quads. Question is, what’s next? Bobbling biceps? Wiggling waists? 🀨

Disclaimer: This article does not provide investment or purchase advice. Always conduct your own research before making any purchases.

So, what’s the wackiest bobblehead you’ve ever seen or dreamt of? And would you cop this quad-bobbling sensation? 🀩 Let’s hear it!