🐕 Doggone Drama! Rachel Leviss Hands Over Pooch to Ex, James Kennedy 🎭

TL:DR; In the latest chapter of romance 🖤 and wagging tails 🐾, Rachel Leviss (now rocking a name change) passes the pet baton to her ex-beau James Kennedy. Why? Let’s sniff 🐶 out the details!

Rachel Leviss seems to be on a quest of self-reinvention and change. Fresh from a name makeover, the former “Vanderpump Rules” star is now stepping back from her canine mom duties.

Ex-flame James Kennedy let the digital world in on the pet-parent reshuffle by sharing snaps 📸 with Graham, their once shared four-legged bundle of joy. Those glossy-eyed pics? They’re screaming, “Graham’s home!” But what’s the real tale behind the tail?

Rather than a direct doggie drop-off, the pup transfer was more of an “I heard it through the grapevine 🍇” situation. Yup, the whispers wafted to James via a mutual mate that Rachel was on the prowl to find Graham a new pad 🏡. An indirect re-homing hotline, if you will.

Now, here’s where it gets thought-provoking 🤔. While the exact reasons for Rachel’s decision remain hush-hush, it does raise an age-old question: In the aftermath of a breakup, who gets custody of the shared furbabies? Are pets just another pawn in the relationship chess game?

From Taylor Swift’s iconic ballads about past loves to that vase you bought together from IKEA, moving on is never easy. But when it’s about shared pets, the stakes (and steaks 🥩) are a bit higher. Graham’s fate serves as a reflection of countless stories of couples who’ve faced the conundrum of split pet custody. Anecdotes of divided pet households are not uncommon, like Jenny from Ohio who still shares her cat’s Instagram account with her ex, or Mike from Florida who does alternate weekends with his beagle.

While Rachel’s choices might sound puzzling to some, it’s essential to remember that every relationship, like every dog’s bark, is unique. The decisions that follow, even more so.

Disclaimer: This article is meant for entertainment purposes only and does not provide any form of advice or recommendation. Any action taken based on this story is solely at the reader’s discretion.

So, readers, the big question we’re itching to ask: If you and your partner had a pet and split up, who should get the pupper or kitty? 🐕🐈 And would you, like Rachel, let the whispers decide or have that face-to-face convo? 🤷‍♂️