🐝Buzzing Through Time: Guerlain’s Time Capsule, a Treasure Trove of Beauty History👄

TL;DR: 💄Guerlain, the legendary French cosmetic brand, opens up its historical archive, unveiling a goldmine of beauty heritage, secrets, and industry-defining firsts. From the world’s first lipstick to Queen Elizabeth II’s intimate connection with the brand, this treasure chest got us questioning how far we’ve come in beauty, and how much these artifacts impacted our everyday routine. Get ready to be bewitched by their glamourous past. 💖

Once upon a time, in a city of romance and luxury, a cosmetic house called Guerlain came to life. Fast forward to today, they’ve been beautifying faces and lives for centuries. Now, they’re letting us take a peek at their past, revealing some of the most groundbreaking artifacts that altered the beauty game forever. But, here’s the real question, folks: if you were handed the world’s first lipstick, would you dare to swipe it across your lips? 💄🤔

Guerlain, born in 1828 and hailed as the creator of modern perfumery, had been secretly hoarding history in their HQ by the Seine River. This secret stash remained untouched until now, offering an all-access pass into a legacy spanning three centuries. Are we ready to dive in and embrace the blast from the past? Let’s see.

There’s an intriguing collection of 400 pieces, painstakingly curated from an overwhelming 18,000 items. Handpicked by none other than Guerlain’s heritage director, Ann Caroline Prazan, who dedicated years of love to this project, these artifacts breathe life into the brand’s illustrious past. Are you imagining the feels when you sift through the history of beauty, one lipstick at a time? 🕰️💅🏼

From perfumes adored by iconic personalities like French Empress Eugenie, Josephine Baker, Grace Kelly, Jacqueline Kennedy, Barbra Streisand, Margaret Thatcher, and Queen Elizabeth II, to innovations that transformed the way we preen and primp, this collection has it all. Each item whispering tales of glamour and revolution, every artifact beaming with an aura of historic charm. But does the charm of the past influence our beauty choices today? What do you think? 🧖‍♀️👑

Picture this: a lipstick created in 1870, shining in a contemporary looking gold bullet, a remnant from an era where women used tubs of colored powder and a brush to paint their lips. How about the first-ever lipliner? Or a liner that women used to paint the veins on their arms and necks blue to appear paler – aren’t you glad that trend has been put to bed? 🙅‍♀️🔵

If you thought Guerlain only had secrets related to cosmetics, you’re in for a surprise. They held the patent for the first pivoting toothbrush, a prototype that now looks like the precursor to our modern electric toothbrush. Now, isn’t that a spicy piece of trivia to chew on? 🦷🌶️

Here’s a tantalizing tidbit: Queen Elizabeth II, a massive Guerlain fan, used to fill her emptied bottle of L’Heure Bleue perfume with oil from her 1952 coronation. Does that make you wonder about the emotional bonds we form with our favorite fragrances? 🤷‍♀️💖

Despite being a hush-hush affair, Guerlain is sharing some of their glory with the public for the 170th anniversary of their Bee Bottle.