🐶 Big Pooch Drama: Morgan Wallen’s Tiny Tike Tussles with Ex-Girlfriend’s Dog, Ends Up with a 🤕 Boo-Boo

TL;DR: The toddler son of country music sensation Morgan Wallen ends up on the wrong end of a chomp from the family’s Great Pyrenees dog. Now, Wallen’s ex, KT Smith, is considering giving the dog a new home, preferably with a child-free family with oodles of land. 👪➡️🏞️🐾

💥 Canine Capers in the Wallen Household 💥

In the world of country music heartthrob Morgan Wallen, there’s a new drama brewing, and it’s not another chart-topper! This time, it’s Wallen’s tiny tyke, Indigo, who got a nasty nip from their Great Pyrenees pooch. Can we just take a minute to ask: “What’s up with that, Logan?” 🐶💔

Indigo, the two-year-old kiddo Wallen shares with his ex, KT Smith, was apparently a bit too tempting for their furry friend Logan to ignore. Result? A bite on the face and a one-way ticket to stitches-ville for the poor tot! 😮➡️🏥

KT Smith, herself residing in the Nashville area and dog-mom to Logan, is against going for the drastic ‘put-down’ option that some folks are floating around. Is there a round of applause for that? 🙌👩🏽‍🦰🐕

However, as much as she adores her four-legged friend, she’s all too aware of the risk now associated with keeping him around her son. She’s opting instead to look for a new home for Logan. But not just any home will do for this four-legged fella; he needs a place with wide-open spaces (no, not the Dixie Chicks song 🎵) and definitely no pint-sized humans in sight! 🏡💭🌳

The biting incident, which went down on a seemingly regular Sunday, was the first time Logan showcased such a display of aggression. 🐕‍🦺💥📅 Nevertheless, KT’s motherly instincts are in overdrive. Could you blame her for wanting to avoid any potential repeat trauma for her son? What do you think? 🤷‍♀️

Meanwhile, in Wallen’s corner, it seems the country star is yet to sing his verse on this canine conundrum. As fans, should we expect a new dog-inspired ballad on the horizon? 🎤👀💭

What’s your take on this doggie debacle? If you were in KT’s shoes, would you rehome Logan or try to work out a solution that lets the big fluffball stay? 👟💬🔄 Or do you think the dog should stay and be trained to understand the difference between a squeaky toy and a toddler? Let’s start the discussion. 🐾👶🔄💬🎉