👊 Gotti III On Ice: 6 Months’ Timeout after Mayweather Mayhem 🥊

TL;DR: John Gotti III, grandson of the infamous mob boss, has earned himself a six-month bench warming period courtesy of the Florida State Athletic Commission. The MMA rookie and pro-boxing sophomore decided it was a good day to start a scuffle in the boxing ring against boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, turning an exhibition match into a WWE Royal Rumble. His reward? The half-year suspension of course, while Mayweather walks free.

💥 Boom! Just when you thought things couldn’t get any wilder in the world of pro-boxing, we’re hit with another uppercut of excitement. John Gotti III, with his 5-1 MMA record and 2-0 boxing stats, figured he’d try his luck against one of boxing’s GOATs, Floyd Mayweather. The verdict? Not a wise move, Johnny boy!

Imagine the scene: Gotti III ignoring the ref’s decision to stop the bout, continuing to throw punches at Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather. 😱 This causes a scene that’s straight out of a wrestling pay-per-view event, resulting in several minutes of chaos and a bunch of people scurrying around like they’re auditioning for a role in ‘Chicken Run 2′.

The Florida Athletic Commission decided they’d seen enough of Gotti’s shenanigans and handed him a six-month suspension. “Time-out, John!” While Gotti’s looking at six months on the sidelines, Mayweather gets to strut out of the melee without so much as a slap on the wrist. Was that fair? 🤔

The spokesperson for the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation confirmed the decision, but Gotti III was conveniently unavailable for comment. Can’t help but wonder what he was doing instead, maybe boxing lessons?

Meanwhile, the verbal jousting was on full display in the ring, with both fighters trading barbs. 🗣️ Mayweather, never one to shy away from trash talk, kept riling up Gotti III, who seemed just a touch overmatched against the champ. Can you imagine taking a verbal and physical thrashing from Mayweather in front of a massive audience? Talk about a double whammy!

Even after referee Kenny Bayless tried to cool things down after round five, the trash talk didn’t stop. A few more exchanged punches, a burst of activity from Mayweather’s corner and security, and voila – we’ve got ourselves a boxing-match-turned-brawl. 💪

But wait, there’s more. Both fighters’ camps weren’t about to be left out of the fun and soon enough, punches were flying everywhere. It was like a wild ‘afterparty’ of fisticuffs, with fights breaking out in the arena after the match was called off. Seriously, who needs pay-per-view wrestling when you have boxing matches like these?

In a surprising plot twist, Gotti III then went on to declare Mayweather his “enemy for life” and sought the help of UFC star, Conor McGregor. Now that’s a bromance we didn’t see coming! 😂 And to top it all off, Gotti III’s relatives went full ‘Godfather’ mode and started threatening Mayweather on social media. Ah, family love!

So what’s the verdict, folks? Did Gotti III cross a line or was he just bringing some much-needed spice to the boxing ring? And what about Mayweather, should he have been penalized too? What will this mean for the future of boxing etiquette? And most importantly, will McGregor come to Gotti’s aid or is this just a desperate cry for help? Weigh in with your thoughts! 💬👇

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