👵🎨 Françoise Gilot: The Picasso Paramour Who Painted Her Own Legacy, Dies at 101 🕯️

TL;DR: Françoise Gilot, an accomplished painter whose notoriety was often linked to her tumultuous relationship with Pablo Picasso, has passed away at 101. This Parisian powerhouse, despite being eclipsed by her larger-than-life ex, staged a comeback in the art world that many considered highly unlikely. She painted, published, and even bagged a chair position at a university – all post-Picasso! Remember, never underestimate the heart of a true artist! ❤️🖌️

Full Story:

Françoise Gilot, a name that once echoed in Picasso’s art circles, not only because of her whirlwind romance with the great Pablo Picasso, but also for her unwavering commitment to her own artistic journey. Gilot has departed this life, aged 101, leaving behind a legacy laced with resilience, independence, and immense talent. Picasso who? Right, folks? 🤔

Now, rewind. Picture a young, enthusiastic Françoise, barely 21, finding herself enamored with a man 40 years her senior. Yes, Pablo Picasso, the big name himself. She gave him ten years and two children, then decided, “I’ve had enough, Picasso, time to paint my own portrait.” She was the only one among Picasso’s many mistresses to walk away from him. Hey, could Picasso have been the muse instead of the artist here? 🤷‍♀️

“But wait,” you ask, “didn’t she say people would only be interested in her because of Picasso?” True, but our girl Françoise proved that wrong. She brushed off Picasso’s shadow and reestablished herself as a respectable artist, even as Picasso played his sour grapes game trying to pressure galleries not to display her work. Post-Picasso, she lived the artist’s dream, exhibiting her works in major museums and selling her paintings for hefty sums (try $1.3 million for a portrait of her daughter 😮).

Then came the cherry on top! In 1964, she penned down her experiences with Picasso in a memoir, “Life with Picasso,” which became an international sensation. Despite Picasso’s petty tantrums and him cutting off contact with her and their two children, the memoir was reissued in 2019. Maybe Picasso underestimated the allure of a tell-all memoir about him. 📚💥

After divorcing her second husband, Luc Simon, Gilot married Jonas Salk, known for his successful polio vaccine. (So she went from a tormented artist to a hero scientist. Talk about variety, huh?) 💍👨‍🔬

After Salk’s death in 1995, Gilot continued painting and supervising exhibitions, and she even published a book of sketches at the age of 96. (Retirement? What’s that?) 💪✍️

Gilot leaves behind three children and four grandchildren. Her impact on the art world, her defiance in the face of adversity, and her refusal to be defined by the men in her life serve as a testament to her enduring spirit. 💔

So, after this riveting tale of an artist not just surviving but thriving in the shadow of a giant like Picasso, we leave you with a question. Are you letting someone else’s shadow define your journey or are you ready to pick up the brush and paint your own portrait? 🖌️🔮

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