💃Ariana Madix Trades Bartending for Ballroom – Season 32 of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Gets a ‘Vanderpump’ Twist!🍹

Cocktail slinger-turned-dancer, Ariana Madix, famous for her ‘Scandoval’ stint, is hitting the dance floor! 🤩 Madix, well-known for her flair at SUR and ‘Vanderpump Rules’ fame, will be trading her cocktail shaker for some serious cha-cha-cha in the 32nd Season of ‘Dancing with the Stars’. 💃🍸 Is she up for the challenge, or will she be left shaken and stirred?

Once upon a time in West Hollywood, we had Ariana Madix, the charming bartender from the reality TV show ‘Vanderpump Rules’, shaking up some killer cocktails at SUR. Now, she’s all set to swap her mixologist’s apron for some sparkly ballroom attire. That’s right! Our favorite reality star has been officially added to the cast of Season 32 of ‘Dancing with the Stars’. 😲 So, will the queen of the ‘Scandoval’ scandal be able to stir up some intrigue on the dance floor as well?

Ariana Madix, known for her role in ‘Vanderpump Rules’ and her successful foray into the world of lifestyle branding, seems to be ready to take a leap into unchartered territory. After making headlines with her scandalous ‘Scandoval’ saga, Madix seems determined to redefine herself, perhaps even add a bit of salsa to her resume. 💃💼 But here’s a thought – can Madix pull off the pirouettes and the paso doble as well as she did her Scandoval cocktail?

Of course, joining ‘Dancing with the Stars’ is going to require a serious gear shift for our favorite bartender. 🔄 The show is known for its rigorous routines, grueling practice sessions, and relentless competition. Will Ariana be able to keep up with the tempo, or will she find herself two left feet deep in a quicksand of quicksteps? 😵💦

For all the diehard ‘Dancing with the Stars’ fans, it’s definitely going to be interesting to see Madix’s transition from behind the bar to in front of the judging panel. Will she be able to mix her signature charm and swag with the demanding world of professional ballroom dancing? 🍸💃 Only time will tell. But one thing is for sure – Season 32 is about to get a lot more ‘pumped’!

As we eagerly await the return of ‘Dancing with the Stars’, we’re left wondering: is Ariana Madix’s decision to take a step out of her comfort zone