💔💥 “Youth Alarm: Suicide and Homicide Rates Skyrocketing Among Young Blood, Breaking Heart-Wrenching Records” ⏰💔

TL;DR: 😓 Suicides and homicides have sadly become the top-ranking chart hits among young peeps in the U.S., with rates spinning out of control, according to a grim new report from the CDC. 🔎⬆️ Homicide rates last peaked when “Titanic” swept the Oscars in ’97, and suicide rates haven’t been this high since bell-bottoms and peace signs were the rage in ’68. 🚢✌️😱

Dive into the deep end, folks! 🌊 In 2021, the grim reaper was doing overtime among kids and young adults aged between 10 and 24. Suicide and homicide, clocking in at about 11 fatalities per 100,000 peeps, were the second and third leading causes of death in this age group. 📈💔

Wait, what’s even more bone-chilling? 😲 The homicide rate for our younglings in 2021 was the highest since Leo declared he’s the king of the world in ’97, and the suicide rate? It’s been the highest since flower power was all the rage in ’68! 😱📆

2010 was the year when suicides started to outnumber homicides for these youngsters. And the numbers kept rising like a balloon at a birthday party. 🎈⬆️ But hold up, the plot thickens in 2020, when COVID-19 decided to crash the scene. Homicide rates also decided to join the ascent, causing both types of violent death rates to meet for the first time in a decade. 🦠🎢

In the junior squad, the younglings aged 10 to 14, the gap between suicides and homicides was a double whammy. For them, suicides in 2021 were twice as high as homicides. 😱✖️2️⃣

So, if it’s all gloom and doom, where’s the silver lining? Well, we did see a glimmer of hope with the earlier research. It found that kids heading to ERs for suicidal thoughts were increasing even before Miss Rona entered our lives, but guess what, almost half of them didn’t get the follow-up care they needed. Isn’t that a wake-up call? 🏥🤔

Fast forward to the COVID era, and you’ll find a CDC report that plays like a horror movie. It revealed suspected suicides and suicide attempts by poisoning among younglings surged during the pandemic, especially in children aged 10 to 12, showing a 70% increase from 2019 to 2021. Whoa, did someone hit the fast-forward button on this? 📼⏩

For the teens, ages 15 to 19, the story flipped. The homicide rate was higher than the suicide rate. 🔄🔝 And remember this nugget of wisdom – guns were the main stars of this tragic narrative, outpacing car accidents as the leading cause of death for children and teens. It seems like firearms scored nearly 1 in 5 childhood deaths in 2021. 🔫⚰️

So, as we stand at the crossroads, isn’t it high time we ask ourselves some tough questions? 👀🤔 Are we doing enough to support our youngsters? Are we aware of the signs when they’re struggling, and do we have the tools to help them out of the darkness? 🌑🔦 Are we prepared to face the aftermath of a pandemic, not just in