💰⚖️$63 Million Slap! Chevron Guilty of Toxic Pit Cover-Up, Says California Jury🏡🧪

California jury pops a $63 million verdict on Chevron for concealing a nasty chemical pit. Kevin Wright, the poor dude who unknowingly built his dream house on this toxic land, later developed blood cancer. Chevron’s like “We’ll appeal,” but Wright’s like “Dudes, you messed up my life.” 🤯💔💉


Kevin Wright, living the Cali dream, picks out a picturesque plot of land near Santa Barbara to build his home sweet home on. It’s 1985, life is rad. Until it isn’t. Wright, fast forward a few decades, is diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a blood cancer that could be linked to exposure to benzene. Benzene… where have we heard that before? Ah, right. The carcinogenic chemical Chevron left chilling under the land Wright bought. 😱💣👎

Hold up, though, it gets worse. Starting from 1974, Chevron’s subsidiary, Union Oil Company of California, was all about that oil and gas life. Their business practices included a sump pit that left our buddy benzene behind. And Wright built his dream pad right on top of it, without knowing the least bit about this toxic secret. Seriously, Chevron? 🙄🏭⚠️

Fast forward to now, the California jury made their move, slamming a cool $63 million verdict on Chevron. Wright’s attorney, Jakob Norman, says it’s a glaring instance of environmental pollution and corporate naughtiness. But Chevron’s not feeling it. They’re coming back with an appeal. Chevron thinks the verdict is not right, and they “strongly disagree with the jury’s decisions to award compensatory and punitive damages.” Well, we’ll see about that, won’t we? 🤔🏛️💵

On a positive note, Wright’s cancer is currently in remission. He’s still on chemo, though, to keep the big C at bay. In a statement, Wright was all, “They cut corners, and my life was turned upside down as a result. Chevron’s continued denial of the harm they caused is a shameful reminder that this company values only profits, not people.” Hard words, but can you blame the guy? 🤷‍♂️🎗️💔


So, peeps, what do we think about this case? Are massive corporations too focused on profits at the expense of people’s health? Has the jury made the right decision, or is Chevron’s appeal justified? And, most importantly, would you buy a house without a thorough environmental checkup first? Let us know what’s up in the comments. 👇🗣️📣

Disclaimer: This article is intended to inform and provoke thought, not to provide legal, health, or investment advice. Always consult a professional in those matters.