🔍”Show Us What You Got, Tesla!”: Feds Demand More Data in Autopilot Investigation 🏎️💥

Here’s the dish! The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) wants more info from Tesla about their Autopilot system. Apparently, they sent a letter on July 3rd demanding updates to questions asked way back in August 2022. Are they trying to win the “worst pen pal” award or what? 😅 The letter, a result of concerns regarding Tesla vehicles bumping into parked emergency vehicles (yikes!), requests answers by July 19. Tesla’s silence on the matter raises the stakes 🤫📈. But the real zinger? The feds want to know if Tesla’s cars are making sure drivers actually pay attention on the road. I mean, isn’t that why we have coffee? ☕

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Story Time, Folks:

Ain’t this a head-scratcher? The Feds are poking Tesla for more deets on their Autopilot system, which is under the microscope following a handful of crashes involving Tesla vehicles and parked emergency vehicles. Not cool, Tesla, not cool. 😐

The NHTSA apparently has this long-distance relationship thing with Tesla, having sent them a letter last August and, not being satisfied with just one, they’ve gone ahead and sent another one this month. 💌🚀 If only my ex was that persistent… but I digress.

It’s like a game of 20 questions with these guys. The latest letter is all about “driver engagement” and “attentiveness.” The feds want to know: are Tesla drivers really keeping their eyes on the road, or are they busy deciding between #nofilter or #valencia on their latest Insta post? 📸

To be fair, Autopilot and its sibling, the snazzily named “Full Self-Driving Capability Features”, are supposed to make driving easier. They should handle steering, acceleration, and braking, plus lane changes on highways and obedience to traffic signals and stop signs. Neat, huh? The catch? They don’t make your car fully autonomous. So, you can’t just sit back and enjoy your latte yet. ☕🚫

The NHTSA’s got beef with Tesla’s alert strategy, which, in theory, should encourage driver attention. Yet, in 2022, they found out that in 9 of 11 crashes, there was zero driver engagement, or alerts, until the very last minute before a collision. Four vehicles didn’t have any alerts at all during the final Autopilot cycle. I mean, talk about a wake-up call! ⏰💥

So, what’s Tesla doing about all this? We don’t know! They’re not saying much, which makes us wonder what they’re planning. 🤔

Back in June 2022, the NHTSA levelled up their probe to an “engineering analysis,” which is basically a warm-up exercise before they potentially demand a recall. It’s like they’re on the edge of the diving board, folks, and we’re just waiting to see if they’ll take the plunge. 🏊

The big question for us all, especially for you Tesla owners out there: what happens next? Will Tesla break the silence and play ball? Or will they leave the NHTSA on read? And how will this whole saga impact the future of self-driving cars? 🚘🔮

While we sit back and watch this drama unfold, let’s ask ourselves: How much trust should we put into these automated systems? And are we ready to hand over the wheel to our four-wheeled friends? 🤷‍♀️🚗🔄

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