🔥Jerry O’Connell Turns Real-Life Superhero, Extinguishes Blazing Food Truck! 💥

TL;DR: Super-dad Jerry O’Connell ditches the specs and dons a cape, rushing to save a blazing food truck in Malibu. Leaping out of his car with twin daughters in tow, he swoops into action, moving gas cans and wielding a fire extinguisher like a boss. All this, reminiscent of a similar fiery ordeal he battled in 2003! 🔥🚒

Picture this: a sunny Sunday drive through Malibu with your twin daughters when, BAM! 💥 You spot a food truck engulfed in flames. So, what’s your next move? Do you call 911? Or do you, like Hollywood star Jerry O’Connell, spring into action to tackle the blaze yourself? 🤔

O’Connell, minus the iconic pair of glasses, transformed into a real-life Clark Kent, hurdling towards danger without a moment’s hesitation. No sooner had sheriff’s deputies pulled the man out of the blazing vehicle, O’Connell was on the scene, moving a potentially explosive gas can away from the danger zone. 😱

So, what kind of guts does it take to approach a raging fire, especially when another can is already ablaze and flames are spreading to a nearby field? Quite a bit, we’d say. 🦸‍♂️

But wait! The action doesn’t stop there. Jerry wasn’t satisfied with just moving the gas can. Our man then scales a fence to grab a fire extinguisher, battling the flames like a seasoned firefighter until the L.A. County Fire Department arrived to relieve him. 💪

Ironically, this wasn’t Jerry’s first fiery rodeo. Back in 2003, he found himself in a similar predicament when a wildfire threatened his home near the San Bernardino mountains. Trading scripts for hoses, he joined the firefighters for several days and saved his pad. Talk about a repeat performance! 🎬🔥

All this sparks the question, should