😭Joe Jonas’ Teary Tale of Envy: Not-So-Humble-Pie Over Nick’s ‘The Voice’ Spot🎤

The Jonas Brother saga just got real! Ol’ Joe Jonas confessed to shedding bucket-loads of tears when his bro Nick was handed the keys to ‘The Voice’ kingdom. Talk about sibling rivalry, right? Though he’s mega happy for Nick, he can’t shake off the FOMO. Heck, he’s even served as a judge down under on Australia’s ‘The Voice’. But Nick’s spot on the American version? That’s the gig he really wanted. 😢🏆💔

Once upon a time, in a land where pop culture reigns supreme, the brothers Jonas—Joe, Nick, and Kevin—revealed a side of their story that left us pondering the complexities of sibling rivalry.

During their visit to the Armchair Expert podcast, these chart-topping brothers opened up about their moments of envy and competitive spirits. The juicy tidbit that got our attention? Joe’s confession of green-eyed jealousy when baby brother Nick nabbed a coaching gig on NBC’s ‘The Voice’. Who knew bros could be so possessive about spinning red chairs, eh? 🎶🔴🔄

Remember the scene where Joe found out? It wasn’t any ol’ day; it was during the Fleetwood Mac show at Madison Square Garden. As the iconic ‘Landslide’ played in the backdrop, Joe was hit with a landslide of envy. No hiding it, he cried his eyes out. Can we get a collective “awww”? 😭🎸🎵

Kevin then chimed in, reminding everyone, including Joe, about his stint as a judge on the Australian version of ‘The Voice’. Joe’s response? Something along the lines of, “Yeah, and? I want the American gig, too!” 🌏➡🇺🇸

Kevin and Joe, they’ve both been there, feeling left out when one of the brothers is smashing it in music. “I wish it was the three of us,” Kevin said. Sibling envy? More like sibling love! 👬💙

To add another layer to the Jonas saga, Nick and Joe both auditioned for a part in Jon M. Chu’s forthcoming film adaptation of Broadway hit, Wicked. Sadly, neither of them bagged the role. Tough break, bros! 🎭😕

Does this revelation of sibling rivalry make you view the Jonas Brothers differently? Is it easier or harder to root for them knowing the struggles behind the scenes?

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So, what do you think? Would Joe have crushed it on ‘The Voice’ just as much as Nick did? Or maybe even more? Or do you think the right Jonas got the job? 💭👀🎤