😱💀 Throwback to ’69: Manson Fam Member Leslie Van Houten Earns a ‘Get Outta Jail’ Card 🗝️

TL:DR; Don’t have a heart attack folks, but 73-year-old Manson Family killer, Leslie Van Houten, just got herself a one-way ticket outta the slammer. California Gov. Gavin Newsom could’ve thrown a wrench in the works, but he said ‘nah’. Despite being a bit miffed, Gav reckons it wouldn’t work this time around. Is this justice served or a gruesome horror story? 🤔🔪

Now, here’s the scoop, folks. Back in the dog days of 1969, a naïve and easily swayed Leslie Van Houten got mixed up with the wrong crowd: Charles Manson and his twisted family. By August of that year, at just 19 years old, she’d brutally stabbed to death Leno and Rosemary LaBianca in their Los Feliz crib. 🏡💔

Fast forward five decades or so, and the now 73-year-old Van Houten has been whiling away her days in the Big House, probably trading canteen privileges for some rad prison tats. But guess what? Homegirl might soon be swapping her cell for civilian life, cause she just won her parole! 😯⛓️🎉

This isn’t Van Houten’s first rodeo. The parole board has given her a thumbs up three times before. But each time, good ol’ Gov. Newsom played the role of party pooper, blocking her exit faster than you can say “jailbreak”. This time, though, he’s decided to play nice. Is it fourth time lucky or does Newsom just know when he’s licked?👀🍀

Interestingly, Newsom’s folks decided to break this juicy bit of news in the chill of a Friday afternoon. Perhaps they hoped it’d get lost in the buzz of upcoming weekend plans and Friday night shenanigans? 📰🍸🎶

Now, hold your pitchforks, people. Van Houten’s always maintained that she was just a mixed-up teenager when she committed her heinous crimes. She claims Charlie Manson had her under his freaky spell and she didn’t know what she was doing. Does that excuse hold water or should she have known better? 🧠🌀🔮

Either way, it looks like the sun’s setting on Van Houten’s long prison stint. Will her return to society be a quiet one, or are we on the cusp of a media frenzy? 🌆🔓📸

Now, Turnt Up fam, it’s over to you. What’s your hot take on Van Houten’s release? Does time heal all wounds or do some scars run too deep? Is Van Houten really reformed, or is there a chance she might go back to her old ways?

And remember, this ain’t legal or psychological advice, just some thought-provoking news to tickle your brain cells. 🧐💭🎙️

Now the real question to provoke discussion, are we too forgiving as a society, or does everyone, no matter their past, deserve a shot at redemption? 🤷‍♂️🎯💖

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