😱 Murder Mansion’s Door Up for Grabs! Was Nine Inch Nails’ Frontman a Catalyst? 🎸

TL;DR; The door from the notorious house where Sharon Tate met her end thanks to Manson’s cronies is on sale. But wait, why is rockstar Trent Reznor involved? πŸšͺ🎡

Once upon a gruesome time in the city of stars, a door stood witness to a horrifying episode. This isn’t just any door; it’s THE door to the house where Charles Manson’s followers committed one of the most notorious crimes in Hollywood history against Sharon Tate. And guess what? That door can be yours if the price is right! πŸšͺ😳

But how, you ask, did such a notorious artifact even end up on the market? πŸ€”

Meet Christopher Moore, the present door-keeper and the dude making waves by putting it up for sale via Julien’s Auctions. Moore reveals the door’s unexpected adventure post that terrifying night in 1969.

Here’s a curveball for you – rock legend and Nine Inch Nails maestro, Trent Reznor, is connected to this macabre memento. Our boy Trent recorded his band’s stuff right there! 🎡🀘

Yeah, that’s right. After the Manson horrors, Cielo Drive wasn’t just abandoned. Life and music (literally) played on, and Trent Reznor, inadvertently, played a part in the door’s history. Some might even say it’s been “touched by greatness” in a twisted, musical way.

While it’s eyebrow-raising to think about acquiring such a piece of crime memorabilia, it does open up some pretty wild conversations. πŸ₯³ For the morbidly curious, for those fascinated by Hollywood’s dark side, or maybe even fans of Nine Inch Nails, this door stands as a relic of intersecting histories.

Now, for all the eager beavers out there, don’t jump just yet. And hey, don’t think we’re advocating for you to splurge on a door with a past either. πŸ€‘βŒ Remember, this isn’t advice, just good ol’ edgy reporting from your favorite news hub.

So, after hearing about this dark slice of Hollywood history that’s up for grabs… would YOU bid on it? Would you make it a quirky conversation starter or leave it in the past? 🀨πŸšͺ

And as we wrap this up – we’re left wondering: In a world where everything’s for sale, what’s the craziest thing you’d consider buying? πŸ›πŸ€”