😱Braves Pull The Ultimate Party Pooper Move on Father’s Day: Sorry Charlie!🙈

In a plot twist that would make George R.R. Martin proud, the Atlanta Braves designate Charlie Culberson for assignment right before his pops was about to do a father-son bonding moment and throw the first pitch. Old Man Culberson ended up watching a substitute toss the ball instead, while Charlie was left in the dugout, presumably drowning his sorrows in Gatorade.🎭

Here’s the lowdown. On what should’ve been a memorable Father’s Day, Charlie Culberson, a hard-nosed 34-year-old baller from Rome, Georgia, found himself unceremoniously cut from the Braves squad before Sunday’s showdown against Colorado. And here’s the kicker folks, his pop was all set and pumped to throw the ceremonial first pitch on this special day! 🎉 or not…

What’s up with that, Braves? You couldn’t wait till Monday? Was the suspense of potentially being kicked off the team meant to add an extra thrill to the first pitch? 🤔

Culberson, who has been flexing his baseball skills since his Major League debut with San Francisco in 2012, and even belted a career-high 12 homers in 2018, was brought up from Triple-A Gwinnett on May 19. But since then, no show, no glow. Is that why they gave him the boot? Shouldn’t there be some mercy for the homeboy?

After Culberson was axed, the Braves turned to Michael Harris II’s dad to do the honours at Truist Park. And talk about a switch-up! Harris went berserk, hitting 5 for 5 and scored three times in Atlanta’s 14-6 victory. Meanwhile, Charlie was left flipping through his resume and scanning LinkedIn for “Open Infield Positions”. 😔

Amid the brouhaha, Chadwick Tromp was recalled from Gwinnett to join the Braves. He is 2 for 16 in six games with the Braves this year. But, really, who’s counting?

Now, remember, we’re just presenting the facts here. We’re not suggesting any investment or career advice. And remember, it’s not personal, it’s business… or is it? 🤷

To wrap things up, we gotta ask: Are the Braves being cutthroat professionals here or did they fumble the ball on the field of human decency? And if you were Charlie, how would you handle this curveball? ⚾️ Would you shrug it off and say “That’s baseball,” or would you slide into home plate with a lawsuit? 🤔 Let us know your thoughts.