😱”No Remorse” Expressed by Man Accused of 🚫Brutally Murdering His Infant Daughter, Reveals Mother🙀

TL;DR;: A 23-year-old man, Damion Comager, stands accused of ending his 3-month-old daughter’s life in NYC. After confessing to his mother over the phone, Damion seemed to express ‘no remorse’ for his shocking act. The infant was tragically found in a wooded area strewn with trash near Yankee Stadium. Both Damion and his girlfriend face charges. 🚓👮‍♂️💔

🕵️‍♀️ This chilling tale began with an unexpected call. Young Damion Comager popped a ‘hypothetical’ question to his mother, Ashley Holmes. “If I did something wrong, would you call the authorit[ies] on me?” he asked. Innocently unaware of the gravity behind this, Ashley was hit with the bombshell confession. “She is gone, she is gone,” Damion stated flatly about his infant daughter, Genevieve. 📞😰👶

Confused and shocked, Ashley soon understood the horrifying truth. Damion, who his mother claims had ‘no remorse,’ had ended the life of his defenseless 3-month-old daughter. Ashley recalls, “I just hollered and hit my steering wheel, and that’s when I called his daddy.” 😭💔📞

Yet, what’s equally troubling is how the tragedy was handled. Damion’s girlfriend, Ivana Paolozzi, 20, was also charged with concealment of a human corpse and obstructing governmental administration. The infant’s lifeless body was discarded in a trash-strewn wooded area near Yankee Stadium. ⚠️🌳💔

While Genevieve’s cries for nourishment now haunt her grandmother, we can’t help but question: Could this horrific incident have been prevented? Both Damion and Ivana were reportedly struggling financially, unable to provide sufficient nourishment for their baby. Does this bring up a bigger conversation around societal support for struggling families?💭👪💰

Despite the grim reality, the mother-son bond appears to withstand even the darkest crimes. Ashley still loves her son, emphasizing his mental illness and pressures. However, she firmly states, “It’s no excuse for what he did.” The pain is clear as she expresses her love for her granddaughter, adding, “She was a part of me.” ❤️👩‍👦👼

Damion’s future hangs in the balance, with calls for mental health treatment rather than jail. However, the tragedy leaves one glaring, unanswered question: If proper mental health and social support were available, could little Genevieve have had a different fate? 🤔⚖️💡

Note: This is not legal or health advice. It is simply a report on a tragic incident. Always reach out to professionals for health and legal advice.

End of the line question: In cases like this, should mental health services step in over punitive measures, or should both be implemented? 🤷‍♀️🏥👮‍♂️ Let’s open this up for a chat, folks. What do you think? 🗣️👇