😲 Ex-Flame Drama: Tiger’s Old Flame Drops Juicy $30M Lawsuit! But Why? 🤔

TL;DR; Erica Herman, Tiger Woods’ former love interest, chucks a massive $30M lawsuit about a supposed oral tenancy agreement. In a twist, Erica’s also gunning to nullify a 2017 NDA with Mr. Woods. And did someone say “sexual harassment?” 🍿

Swing and a miss? In the latest chapter of the “As the Golf Ball Turns” saga, Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend, Erica Herman, aged 39, has pulled a surprise move by dropping her eyebrow-raising $30 million lawsuit. The claim? A rather interesting alleged oral tenancy agreement made after their split. 🏠 But the plot thickens! At the same time, she’s taking another swing with an appeal to cancel out a 2017 NDA she inked with Woods, who’s 47 by the way, and that case is still in play. 🖋️

Back in 2022, Erica took a legal stance against Tiger’s trust, essentially calling foul and alleging that Mr. Woods didn’t stick to a verbal agreement. In simpler terms, Tiger supposedly promised she could stay at his pad for a certain time in return for some “valuable services.” But things took a turn when she claimed she was sneakily “locked out” with a whopping five years left in their agreement.💼💔 Can you imagine? It’s like being told you’ve won a five-year vacation and then suddenly finding your luggage on the street! 🧳🚫

By Erica’s calculations, that eviction cost her a cool $30 million – the cost of living in luxury for five years. Now, I’m no real estate expert, but those must be some solid gold faucets and diamond-encrusted chandeliers. 😎💎

But hold up! 🤚 Woods’ trust was having none of it. Their move? An attempt to strike her complaint down last November. The claim: Erica’s beef should be handled in a hush-hush arbitration thanks to their previous NDA. So, was Erica trying to sidestep and get her grievances aired out in public? 🎤

And here’s where it gets spicy 🌶️. Before throwing in the towel on the lawsuit, Erica launched another appeal after a separate case got the boot. This case tried to ax her NDA on grounds that Mr. Woods was on the wrong side of appropriate behavior. To stir the pot even more, she made claims of some pretty heavy harassment starting back in 2014, which got her pushed into the 2017 NDA. Some suggest it was a “sign or get sacked” situation, even while the two were mixing business with pleasure. 🚫❤️

Of course, Tiger had a swing of his own, branding Erica as “a jilted ex-girlfriend” wanting her day in court. He believes she’s misusing the Speak Out Act, which is all about giving voice to harassment and assault victims. 👄🔊

Insiders have also dished on their rocky love story that ended in 2022. “Erica thought Tiger was never at home, and Tiger thought Erica was spending too much and living too lavish of a lifestyle,” said a close source. Sounds like classic couple troubles, but with a much bigger price tag. 💔💰

Rewinding, this isn’t Tiger’s first time in the spotlight for personal drama. Remember 2009? Yep, that whole cheating scandal, leading to his split from Elin Nordegren. Post scandal, he even checked into rehab for sex addiction. 🔄

And now, the million-dollar question (or should we say $30 million?): Did Erica have a legit claim, or is it all just a drive down the dramatic fairway? And if promises were made verbally, do they hold weight? Or is it just another case of he said, she said in the world of high-stakes relationships? 🤷‍♀️🏌️‍♂️