😲 Myles Farmer on Pause in Nebraska! Why’s the New Coach Rhule-ing Him Out?

TL;DR; Nebraska’s star Myles Farmer takes an unexpected bench seat as new coach Matt Rhule drops a disciplinary bombshell. And hey, did someone from Baylor come in carrying some extra weight? πŸ”

If you’re a Nebraska Cornhuskers fan, you might be scratching your head wondering why Myles Farmer wasn’t spotted during the team’s recent practice. Here’s the scoop: Coach Matt Rhule, in his newbie vibes, has decided that Myles needs a time-out. But for what? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Farmer, the guy who was literally everywhere on the field last season (being the team’s second-leading tackler and all), isn’t featured on the 120-man roster. The suspense behind his absence? Rhule cites a mysterious “failure to adhere to team standards.” Uh, vague much, coach? Can we get some specifics? Or is this some sort of Cornhusker secret? πŸŒ½πŸ”

Now, it’s not the first time Farmer has been benched. Cast your minds back to that game against Michigan last November. The reason? An arrest under the suspicion of DUI. But this time, with the reason under wraps, all we can do is speculate. And speculate we will! 😏

In other “What’s going on in Nebraska?” news, Josh Fleeks rolled in from Baylor, but seems like he might’ve enjoyed his farewell party a bit too much. Fleeks reported “significantly overweight” (Coach Rhule’s words, not ours!). Until Fleeks sheds those extra lbs, looks like he’ll be sitting out. What’s the weight limit in Nebraska, anyway? 🍩🏈

In some more somber news, Brodie Tagaloa might not be seen on the field this season. A recent car accident left him with some nasty facial cuts and a knee in need of surgery. Wishing him a speedy recovery! πŸ™

You know, with all this drama unfolding in Nebraska, one can’t help but think: Are these just early-days jitters for the team or signs of a deeper issue? πŸ€” And, with the new season approaching, how will these changes impact the Cornhuskers’ performance?

So, Cornhusker fans and football enthusiasts, what do you think? Is Coach Rhule making the right calls, or is it just some early-game fumbles? 🏈🀨