😲 Ring the Baby Bells: WWE’s Alexa Bliss and Ryan Cabrera Expecting a Mini-Champ 🍼

TL;DR; Maternity is ready to rumble as WWE star Alexa Bliss and singer Ryan Cabrera announced they’re expecting their first baby, “Baby Cabrera,” due December 2023! After a surprise pregnancy and a recent health scare, the power couple takes us on a roller coaster of emotions with adorable snaps, witty onesies, and a fake baby bump. 📸💕

Get ready for a tag-team of a different kind as Alexa Bliss and Ryan Cabrera are prepping to welcome a new contender into the ring! 😮‍💨 After a three-year dating run followed by an intimate wedding in 2022, the WWE star and “On the Way Down” hitmaker are all set to add ‘parenting’ to their long list of achievements.

Alexa Bliss, a professional wrestler by day and soon-to-be supermom by night, and Ryan Cabrera, your friendly neighbourhood musician, announced the baby news with a burst of images on Instagram. Bliss teased fans with an ultrasound image perched on a sign revealing the baby’s ETA – December 2023. Also captured was a cheeky white onesie professing “Best Oops Ever!” 👶🤭 Well, isn’t that the most lovable oopsie?

Yet, the cuteness doesn’t stop there. Another pic features the couple, blissfully blowing up balloons, one inquiring “Expected to pop”, the other giving a timeline “December 2023.” The couple also posed with champagne glasses – Cabrera’s filled to the brim, and Bliss’s empty with a sassy sticky note reading “Do not refill until December.” 🍾❌

Their love story, straight out of a rom-com, began with a fan-sparked rumour. After a fan noticed Cabrera liking Bliss’ tweets, he kickstarted an Instagram page hinting they were dating, tagging all their friends and colleagues. After all, who can resist the allure of celebrity gossip?

The speculation led to a friendship, the friendship morphed into love, and finally, Cabrera proposed. A case of life imitating art, perhaps? Or is social media the new Cupid? 💘🏹

But it’s not been all sunshine and roses. Bliss recently underwent a health scare involving skin cancer, which thankfully, turned out to be basal cell carcinoma and was swiftly dealt with. A shock that, undoubtedly, added a dash of sour to their sweet journey. 🍋

Now that’s what you call a whirlwind! Alexa and Ryan’s story – part fairy-tale romance, part action-drama, complete with a comedy subplot, comes packed with lessons about love, health, and surprise life changes. But one key question remains unanswered, as we bite our nails in anticipation of the upcoming baby:

Will the baby follow in mommy’s wrestling footsteps or sway to daddy’s musical tunes? Or perhaps break new ground altogether and become the world’s youngest influencer? 🤔 Let’s get this baby talk buzzing! What’s your bet on Baby Cabrera’s future? 🌟