😲 Who Really Had Beef with Bob Lee? The Twisty Tale of San Francisco’s Latest Whodunnit πŸ”ͺ

TL;DR; Defense for Nima Momeni claims no fight with Cash App kingpin Bob Lee the night he met his doom. Plot twist? The real drama was allegedly with another man involved with Momeni’s sis. πŸŒ€

In the bustling heart of San Francisco’s Rincon Hill, the predawn of April 4 had an unexpected shocker: Cash App honcho, Bob Lee, was fatally stabbed. But the plot thickens as we dive deeper into this crime drama.

Tech guru Nima Momeni, now in the spotlight, has been slapped with a murder charge for this nightmarish event. But hold onto your seats, folks, because here’s where it gets 🍿worthy: Momeni’s defense team asserts he had zero tiffs with Lee that fateful night.

“Why’s that?”, you ask πŸ€”. Buckle up! At a recent hearing, Momeni’s legal eagles threw a curveball claiming their client’s actual beef was with another dude. Why? Well, apparently, Mr. Other Guy had been cozying up with Momeni’s sis. And here’s the kicker: This mystery man resided in the same apartment which hosted a shindig Lee graced with his presence before his untimely demise. Mind. Blown. 🀯

Bradford Cohen, Momeni’s attorney, dropped this bomb: β€œNow you’re starting to get a different picture.” So, what’s the real narrative? Were we led astray, or is this another tactic to divert our gaze?

Sure, authorities had thrown in some texts hinting at some beef between Lee and Momeni. But this new twist, folks, it’s like watching a soap opera during the day and realizing your popcorn’s all out.

πŸŽ₯ Action: Roll the grainy footage! Prosecutors believe they’ve struck gold with a video showing Lee hopping into a white BMW (allegedly driven by Momeni) which is later seen near the spot Lee was found, grievously wounded. But wait! Cohen argues it’s all just pixelated nonsense that can’t be trusted. Can you truly trust those pixels, though? 🀷

What we do know? Lee was seeking aid, desperate and bleeding. As he moved, his blood told a grim tale, becoming “heavier and more dense”, as Rosalyn Check, a police crime scene investigator, painted the bleak picture.

And about that knife – Prosecutors believe a 4-inch kitchen weapon found nearby was the tool of destruction. But Momeni’s defense? They’re dialing in on potential scene disturbances. Tony Brass, another of Momeni’s lawyers, hints at some iffy police work. Question is, are they pointing out genuine flaws or just trying to shake our confidence?

With all these twists and turns, one wonders: What really went down that night? What are the missing pieces of this puzzling tragedy? 🧩

To be continued, as the hearing rolls on…

So, readers, what’s your take? Is Momeni just caught in a tangled web or is there more to this story than meets the eye? Who do you believe? 🧐