😷🔥 “New York Under Siege by Canadian Wildfire Smoke: Big Apple Turns Big Ashtray”

TL;DR; The Big Apple is breathing heavy with the air going all ’50 Shades of Smoke’ thanks to wildfires running wild up North in Canada. With the sun playing peek-a-boo behind a smoky haze, the air quality has hit rock bottom, waving red flags for everyone – particularly those with breathing issues and heart conditions. Officials are handing out health advisories like Halloween candy, urging people to keep their outdoor excursions to a minimum.

Could we have predicted that New Yorkers would be donning their masks again, not for the ‘Rona, but to shield their lungs from an invasion of second-hand smoke – courtesy of the raging wildfires in Canada?🤷‍♂️

On the edge of the city, spectators were greeted by the sun, a little shy and a lot hazy, as it rose behind the iconic New York skyline. The Empire State Building, One Vanderbilt, and the Chrysler Building stood silhouetted against an eerie, orange sky. A stunning, yet unsettling, visual courtesy of the Canadian wildfires that have literally set the airwaves ablaze.

The air quality ratings were doing the ‘Bad Guy’ routine this week, breaking into the 150s across the five boroughs according to AirNow, the U.S. government’s air quality watchdog. Just to give you some perspective, these digits are far above the comfort zone set by the World Health Organization. We’re talking red alert, people! 💥

The question now is, how do we live in a world where going for a morning jog could feel like smoking a pack of cigarettes? Do you want to stay cooped up inside forever, or should we start looking at inventing some kind of personal air filter bubble?

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation didn’t have a choice but to issue a health advisory for New York, Bronx, Kings, Queens, and Richmond counties, and the ‘burbs around them. But, they’re only stating the obvious, aren’t they? After all, do we need an official note to tell us that stepping outside would be like strolling into an ashtray? 🚬

With everything going on, are we only one step away from selling canned air, like in the movie “Spaceballs?” 😳 Sure, it’s a comical idea, but the way we’re going, it doesn’t seem that far-fetched, does it?

So, as you ponder on the fate of the world while being stuck indoors (again), ask yourself – what are you doing to help prevent more situations like this?🤔

Final food for thought – Is it time we take a serious look at what we’re doing to our planet, or do we just buy shares in mask companies and air purifiers? 💭