😷 NC’s Top Dog, Governor Roy Cooper, Locks Horns with COVID-19 Again, Swears by Remote Work 🏡

TL;DR: Our main man and North Carolina Governor, Roy Cooper, tested positive for COVID-19 this week but says he’s chillin’. He’s going to hang back and work remotely, promising to be back on his feet by the weekend. This ain’t his first rodeo with the ‘rona, as he also had a mild case back in June 2022.


So, y’all remember that notorious beast we’ve all been wrestling with, right? Yes, COVID-19. Well, our dear Governor Roy Cooper of North Carolina has once again entered the ring. On Monday, Cooper tweeted that he’d tested positive for COVID-19. But before y’all start panicking, he assured everyone he’s doing just fine, thanks to the mild nature of the case. 💪

Cooper, who’s no spring chicken at 66, has decided to keep a low profile for the week, choosing to work from the comforts of home. Now, we’ve got to ask ourselves, can we really blame him? 🤷‍♂️

However, Cooper is nothing if not optimistic. He’s expecting to be “back out and about by the weekend.” Quick recovery or wishful thinking? 🤔

Now, if this scenario feels like deja vu, well, you’re not wrong. This isn’t Cooper’s first dance with COVID-19. In June 2022, he also reported a mild case. The guy must be feeling like he’s stuck in a rerun of a bad sitcom. But hey, he beat it once, he can do it again, right? 👊

The positive result comes after Cooper attended the annual meeting of the National Governors Association in Atlantic City, New Jersey last week. Cooper’s spokesperson, Jordan Monaghan, confirmed that after the meeting wrapped up on Friday, Cooper returned to Raleigh. Can you imagine the potential chain of transmission? 😮

Let’s not forget that every person’s battle with COVID-19 is different. While Cooper might describe his case as ‘mild’, others may not be so lucky. This serves as a stark reminder that the virus is still among us, and we need to stay vigilant.

Now, let’s switch gears and get a little philosophical. 🧐 We’ve been living and working in a pandemic world for years now, with remote work becoming the norm for many. Do you think COVID-19 has forever changed the way we work? Will our offices become a thing of the past, or will we eventually return to our cubicles and coffee machines?

While we wait to see how Cooper’s latest encounter with the virus pans out, let’s stir up some thought. Is the era of remote work here to stay? Or will we eventually see a full return to in-person work? 💻 Vs. 🏢 – what are your thoughts?