🚧🍽️ Lisa Vanderpump’s PUMP Brand Powers On, Restaurant Shutting Down Not the End? 💪🔄

TL;DR; 📰😉: Despite the closure of Lisa Vanderpump’s classic West Hollywood restaurant PUMP, the brand isn’t bidding adieu. Lisa hints at a future revival in a new locale. The former PUMP crew is heading to another Vanderpump property, TomTom, with some beloved menu items tagging along. And what about that chic PUMP furniture? It’s off to Lisa’s personal warehouse. Quite the shakeup, huh? 😏🔄

The curtains may be falling on Lisa Vanderpump’s quintessential West Hollywood eatery, PUMP, but brace yourselves Vanderpump fans 🙌💔 — the story is far from over. The restaurant’s doors might be shutting, but does that mean the PUMP brand is ready for the obituary column? Lisa Vanderpump, the heart and soul of the brand, says, “Hold up, not so fast!” 🙅‍♀️🛑

So, what’s in store for the PUMP brand, you ask? Lisa is teasing a potential PUMP comeback at a new location, somewhere in the future 🕵️‍♀️🏙️. Intriguing, right? Could this be a game of hide-and-seek, or are we witnessing the prelude to a resounding PUMP resurrection? 🤔💡

Now, let’s not forget about the old PUMP gang — the bartenders, the chef, and others 🧑‍🍳🍹. They’re not job hunting; instead, they’re packing their bags for TomTom, another Vanderpump establishment, which she co-runs with Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz. It’s just a small 3-door hop away! No biggie, right? 🚪🚶‍♂️

But wait, there’s more! The ex-PUMP employees won’t be the only familiar things at TomTom. A few much-loved menu items from PUMP are making the journey too! 🍔🍝 Now, which ones will actually make the cut is still under wraps. Are we ready for some menu roulette? 😋🍽️

So, where is all that posh PUMP furniture headed, you might wonder? Well, it’s not gracing TomTom; the aesthetic clash is real! Instead, it’s being shipped off to a warehouse Lisa uses for personal items. A bit of a roundabout route, but hey, everything deserves a second act, doesn’t it? 🚚🛋️

The shuttering of the iconic WeHo establishment might come as a shock to some, but with Lisa at the helm, we can expect some surprises. So, as we bid adieu to PUMP at its old location, we keep our eyes peeled for its future incarnation 🙏🔮.

So, dear reader, what do you think? Is this the end of PUMP or just a hiatus before a bigger, bolder return? Could PUMP’s “see you later” be the beginning of a brand-new Vanderpump saga? 🤔🔄

(Disclaimer: This article is not providing advice of any type, it is for informational purposes only)