🚨🛵 BrooKILLyn: Scooter-Riding Assassin Hits NYC Streets? ⚠️🔫

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In a shocking crime spree, a Brooklyn man, Thomas Abreu, was allegedly caught cruising on a scooter and randomly firing bullets, leaving a tragic trail of casualties across the Big Apple. Abreu has been hit with a slew of charges, including murder. The question is, was this chillingly random or is there a motive lurking in the shadows?


Just when you thought NYC couldn’t get more bizarre…💁‍♂️ A new player hits the streets, trading UberEats delivery for something much more chilling.

On a peaceful Saturday, 25-year-old Thomas Abreu presumably decided it was a good day to take a “leisurely” ride on his illegal scooter through Brooklyn and Queens, no license plate in sight. 🛵 But this was no ordinary ride. The NYPD claims Abreu left in his wake a chilling pattern of bloodshed, seemingly shooting people at random. ❓👀

One of Abreu’s alleged victims was 86-year-old Hamoo Saeidi, shot in front of a Queens nail salon. Imagine getting your nails done and then…BAM! 💥 What the actual…? A sixth unreported shooting incident also surfaced, linking back to our scooter-riding suspect. The victim, however, was lucky to escape unscathed. Did someone just binge-watch ‘John Wick’ or what? 📺🕴️

Joe Kenny, NYPD’s Detective Bureau Assistant Chief, scratched his head over this one. 🤷‍♂️ “We don’t know the motive. It seems that this is actually random.” Random? Really? So, a guy scoots around town, firing shots willy-nilly, not following anybody…sounds like a typical Saturday in NYC, right? 😜

We’re left with more questions than answers, folks. Even the weapon in question is as shady as a counterfeit Rolex, with no identifiable serial number. Is this another case of those infamous “ghost guns”? 🤔👻🔫

And it seems crime in the Big Apple is ripe and rotten, with NYPD stats revealing a whopping 42.7% rise in major crimes in the past year. Murder rates also show an increase by 9.2% over two years. Hmm…Could this be the fallout of the pandemic or is there something more sinister brewing in the heart of the city? 💔🌆

Remember, this ain’t a video game. These are real people, real lives forever altered. And as we delve into this wild, scooter-fueled saga, we ask ourselves – is it time we rethink our crime-fighting strategies? What could possibly drive a man to such brazen violence? And how do we ensure that our streets aren’t turned into some real-life Grand Theft Auto playground? 🎮🚓

Let’s keep the convo going, folks! What’s your take on the rising crime rates in NYC? What do you think drives individuals like Abreu to commit such heinous acts? And most importantly, what should be done to curb this menace? 🤔💬

🚫 DISCLAIMER: This article is in no way providing legal, investment or any other form of advice. It is simply a recount of an event, with a Turnt Up twist. So, folks, make your own informed decisions, okay? 👍