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📰 DeSantis Aide Fired Over Controversial Video 📹

TL;DR: An aide to Governor Ron DeSantis was fired from his Republican presidential campaign after sharing a video featuring a symbol used by Nazis and white supremacists. The video, which employed internet memes popular on the far right, came under scrutiny and sparked debate about the campaign’s direction.

In a surprising turn of events, Nate Hochman, a former staff writer at the conservative National Review, faced the consequences of sharing a controversial video. The video, shared from the account @desantiscams, included a symbol known as the sonnenrad or sunwheel, which was appropriated by the Nazis to create an idealized “Aryan/Norse” heritage. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) defines this symbol as having “countless variations [including] the swastika.”

The video, scored to Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God),” featured a “Wojak” meme, a sad-looking man popular on the right, alongside headlines about Trump policy failures before transitioning to headlines about DeSantis and images of the governor at work. The contentious clip culminated in two files of soldiers marching toward a Florida flag, which transformed into a revolving red and yellow disc resembling the sonnenrad symbol.

DeSantis’ campaign has faced challenges, including negative headlines and sluggish poll numbers. Despite these obstacles, DeSantis has continued to veer right, positioning himself even beyond Donald Trump’s policies. The firing of Hochman and the discovery of the sonnenrad video have raised questions about the campaign’s strategy and whether there are any limits to DeSantis’ rightward march.

When asked if Hochman’s dismissal indicated a potential limit to DeSantis’ approach, Rick Wilson, a former Republican operative turned anti-Trump campaigner, disagreed. He asserted that DeSantis’ willingness to have individuals with controversial backgrounds on his staff demonstrated that he might not have any limits at all. Wilson highlighted the governor’s continued employment of individuals associated with the alt-right, white nationalism, and anti-LGBTQ+ activism.

🤔 So, the big question here is: What does this firing tell us about the direction of DeSantis’ campaign? Are there any lines he won’t cross in his pursuit of support from the far right? Join the discussion! 👇

Source: The Guardian (link in comments)