🚨Ex-Google Bigwig Drops Truth Bomb: AI Might Just Be The Grim Reaper in Disguise💀

TL;DR: Eric Schmidt, the dude who used to run Google, shared a dire warning about Artificial Intelligence (AI) that could leave us “harmed or killed”. This reveals the possible dark side of the AI revolution, despite its undeniable promise. Hold up, isn’t this the plot of like, every sci-fi movie ever?🤔🎬

“Who knew that The Terminator could become a documentary?” 🤷‍♂️ When Eric Schmidt, the man who sat at the helm of Google from 2001 to 2011, shared this bleak outlook on the future of AI, the tech world did a collective spit-take. “Harmed or killed” by AI – seems like we’re about to step into a Hollywood dystopia, doesn’t it?

Just imagine it, a world where your AI-powered toaster might be plotting your demise over breakfast. Schmidt, who also played top dog at Alphabet from 2015 to 2017, insisted that AI regulation is a bigger question that society needs to address. Umm, yeah, no kidding!🤯

Google’s current head honcho, Sundar Pichai, chimed in as well, stating, “AI is the most profound technology humanity is working on today”. He insists we need to nail this thing right. So, who’s going to save us from potential Skynet domination?🦾

Several tech bigwigs like Elon Musk (SpaceX and Tesla), Steve Wozniak (Apple’s other Steve), and a bunch of other names you’d recognize from your favorite apps, wrote a collective “Hold up!” note, urging AI labs to chill with the breakneck speed of AI development. Maybe they’ve watched The Matrix one too many times, but hey, caution never hurts, right? 🛑

Yet not everyone’s looking at AI through a doomsday lens. The ever-optimistic Bill Gates sees a rosy future, betting big on AI’s impact, with Microsoft reportedly pouring a cool $10 billion into OpenAI. But should we trust the guy who can’t even keep viruses out of Windows to guard against AI threats? 😅

So, are we about to live in a future where you’ll have to keep an eye on your smart fridge, just in case it’s plotting to freeze you to death? Or will AI be our friendly helper, sorting out the world’s problems? 💻🆚🌍

Schmidt isn’t just blowing hot air here. After his time on the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence, he’s seen firsthand how unprepared the US government might be for this new technology. His solution? More funding, starting from $2 billion in 2022, and then doubling contributions until it reaches $32 billion in 2026. Hey Uncle Sam, it’s time to loosen those purse strings! 💸

The White House seems to be getting the message, announcing plans this month to tackle potential AI risks, including $140 million in funding to establish research institutes. Okay, government, you’ve got our attention, now what’s the plan? 🏛️👀

Schmidt’s dire warning and the government’s response make one thing clear: AI is here, it’s changing everything, and we better keep up. Because if not, we might just wake up one day in a world where our AI assistants aren’t so…assistive. 😈

Now here’s the million-dollar question: Are we ready to ride the AI wave without wiping out, or are we all headed for a gnarly crash? And more importantly,